Cream for acne on the face and body

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Table review of known creams against acne

name Manufacturer Price, p. Advantages Disadvantages Note
Aven (Avene) France From 600 Good help against acne, soothes the skin, regulate sebum relatively expensive, difficult to buy, the skin gets usedto this makeup. Good help for dry and aging skin.
Azelik Russia From 700 reduces inflammation, almost 4 hours is able to improve the appearance of the dermis. Not suitable for young women with very dry skin. Almost absolute analogue of Skinoren, except the price, which is almost two times lower.
Faberlik France 220 Good help against acne. effect will be noticeable only by using a series of care products for problem skin. If you sign up for the company (at the site), you can buy products more cheaply.
Cream Garnier acne "Clean skinĀ» France From 250 all reviews say that this is the best cream for acne and marks them.It acts quickly, hypoallergenic. Not suitable for dry sensitive skin. recommend just buy a whole lot of spots Garnier: a gel cleanser, scrub and cream.
Floresan Russia 59 well dries inflammation, pleasant odor, easy to buy, low price. In the heat it will be very clearly visible on the skin. Cheap but not cheerful.
Himanen boro plus Germany From 100 Affordable, efficient, wide range of activities. Oily texture, noticeable on the face, clog pores, unusual odor. It is not a cream and ointment.And not only on the pimples.Boro used as baby cream for diaper, against prickly heat, wounds, inflammation, suppuration and others.
Klerasil UK 200 Affordable, efficient (but only if the type of skin or fat, or a combination). can cause allergic reactions, skin provoke addictive. extremely effective cream for acne and pimples, it is easy to use at home, we recommend purchasing the entire line at once from this company.
cream ointment acne Zener Netherlands From 400 With regular use can almost completely clean skin, help prevent subsequent eruptions. When used on the face appears very thin, but quite noticeable and perceptible film, which is not absorbed. effective antibiotic cream for acne, is widely used in adolescence and during pregnancy.
Pure line Russia From 60 Excellent helps against acne, is made exclusively from natural materials, which reduces the risk of allergies to zero. not fit all, bad uvlazhaet skin. Remove black dots this cream is easy, but the pimples - as it will.
Klindovit Russia From 200 Just a panacea for purulent acne, within 10 days of continuous use is possible to solve all the problems of the skin, from acne and ending with a simple allergic rash, this cream is easy to buy, it is cheap. Some intolerance of components, possible allergic reactions, new rashes, skin gets used to this feature. This moisturizer dermotropic relates to drugs prescribed by dermatologists for acne and severe inflammation on his face.It can also be used to treat acne on his back.
Kuriozin Hungary 380 appointed not only to cleanse the skin problem, but also, if necessary, to quickly restore damaged tissue: after surgery, burns, etc., helps against age spots and wrinkles. This tool does not prevent recurrent rashes. a hormonal cream which helps to speed up the regeneration of skin, treats acne and after traces of inflammation.
Regetsin Russia 128 Removes scars after application to the skin feel immediate effect, suitable for teens with skin problems, and pregnant women. Not everyone makes it, is not used in the treatment of dry skin.This is a popular gialurunovoy acid gel, which eliminates the acne on the face and back.
Differin US From 200 effective and inexpensive cream that fights inflammation of hair follicles, treats acne on the body, ingrown hairs, helps against scars. Not everyone makes it, you must first consult a doctor, possible allergies. Purchase at the pharmacy, there is a tool in the department of skin care.
Eplat Russia From 100 Affordable, effective, natural ingredients, contains salicylic acid. Not suitable for young women with very dry skin. popular cream acne scars.
Metrogil Russia 100 Treats acne, acne, acne. It does not help if the cause of skin problems - tick, so that the original need to see a specialist. Do not use it for very oily skin, it promotes Metrogil further clogging pores.
Mary Kay US 650 quality products, nice texture, contains natural ingredients. cost of the drug, possibly addictive skin, then it will be a problem when changing the makeup.This company produces very good facial masks for acne. We also recommend purchase of the foundation of the acne and blemishes on the face of the brand.
cream gel acne Neve France From 200 Photos before and after Nivei say about themselves: to clean the skin quickly, excellent moisture in summer and winter meals, cleaning pores from sebum. price does not fit all, very fat, especially the winter version. to medium instruction manual carefully read it before use.
Vichy France From 300 Excellent cream for dry skin, moisturize well and quickly clean the dermis, prevent re-precipitation. cost;requires an integrated approach.There rating dermotropic funds drawn up in consumer reviews.Vichy leader in this field.
Ovante US from 800 excellent tool that will prevent inflammation, acne, acne. necessary to accurately follow intstruktsii. cream contains honey (extract), so that the dark-skinned girl will not do.
Baziron France 650 used in the treatment of skin mite is a good remedy for blackheads and pimples purulent. Expensive, hard to find. Contains green tea extract is also used as a means of getting rid of wounds, inflammations, suppurations.
cream ointment for pimples Skinoren Italy 650 Good Spot medication applied directly to the pimple recommend, especially for dry skin. This cream can only be bought at the pharmacy, in the department of anti-acne.Pinch the skin, unusual odor, possible allergies. will help get rid of acne on the back, body, face.

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