How to quickly recover weight

Girls eating sweets a lot of different information on the web and in books?You can find about a variety of diet and exercise to help lose weight, but how to be a girl who does not know how to quickly recover?After all, sometimes excessive thinness plagues the weaker sex even more than centimeters hated fat.

reasons Hagen

  1. Nutritionist;
  2. endocrinologist;
  3. neurologist;
  4. Therapist;
  5. genetics.

recovering drug

Reflection skinny woman very common among athletes, when you need to quickly gain weight for his weight class, and with the mass to be muscle, not fat.In aid of proteins.It is available dietary supplements, which are widely used in the treatment of anorexia and lack of body weight.

Diet for weight gain

Girls with different types of figures At lunch boil meat, pork or chicken suit, beef is not so full of carbon.As a side dish serve salad with eggs, potatoes and cheese, dressed with sour cream or cream.In general, as you can eat more fat milk, for a short time, it will establish the bowels and will quickly recover.At night, we do not try harder, otherwise then still have to
get rid of bloating.
  1. If you need to quickly recover to 3 kg for five days, you can try to lean on fat sour cream, not necessarily have it with something, you can just eat a snack after a plate of sugar.
  2. If our goal is to put on weight by 4 kg in a few days, then combine fatty foods and drinks, for example, beer and sour cream, weight typed quickly, but he will not stay long.
  3. 5 kg per week is sometimes very hard to get fat, we must try here.So, there are no less than 6 times a day, all the meals to fill cream, in any case, do not eat fruits that contribute to weight loss, better emphasis on vitamins and carbohydrates.After the meal, eat one high-calorie bar.
  4. hardest easily become larger than 10 kg, it is very dangerous and it is best if treatment is carried out under the supervision of a physician.How to quickly recover weight to 15 kg?In both cases, most likely a nutritionist prescribes medication injections, do not panic.Of course, it will be proteins, special dietary supplements, protein shakes.

Special exercises to increase the mass

She stretches the legs If you want to get better in the chest or legs, in addition to a six-power necessarily need to do physical exercises.In each hand, take one bottle of 0.5 liter (if not polukilogrammovyh dumbbells), and begin to breed them in different directions.So ten times, with each approach increases by one.At first it will be difficult, but for the month of exercise breast volume (muscle) increase significantly.

Pregnancy and thinness

Tips experienced hudyshek

  1. Eat right;
  2. do exercises more frequently - the better, but without fanaticism;
  3. girl in the body often advised to move, you also need to be a bit slow, decrease the rate of exchange process;
  4. visit a nutritionist, and if necessary, a psychologist, because the problem lies within us.