How to fix your posture teenager, an adult, a child

How to fix your posture Boasting good posture may not be many, most of the hump, without noticing it.But this does not mean that we should leave it at that.We must make an effort, as the correct posture quickly, for example, the week will fail.Methods, how to achieve a result:
  • Special strengthening muscle bandages or corsets , they support his back and pulls the shoulders back, not allowing you to slouch.Worn under clothing, is pleasant to the body, the only remark - do not be too long, as the muscles get used to the external support, will be relaxed and will be able to perform the desired function.
  • Massage .A number of treatments prescribed by a doctor, or if finances allow, you can go to enjoy.
  • Get a chair for the back-seat.The principle of the saddle riding, you're in a position where it is not possible not to keep your back properly, the pressure on the back is reduced.
  • Exercises for the back .The most effective method, because carrying them out regularly, the effect is very long as compared with other methods.

best exercises for your back to correct posture at home

  1. Lie on your back, stretch your hands to the side, palms down.Bend your knees, pressing the heels of the body, with the breath needed to bend the chest as much as possible, but without taking the body off the floor.Exhale, returning to the starting position.Repeat about 10 times.
  2. sitting at your desk, you can stretch, turning in different directions.Run as far as possible.
    Exercises for posture on a chair
  3. One of the best exercises.Lie on your stomach and lift your hands off the floor, legs and head, fixing for 10 seconds.As skill development, increase the time.
  4. Interlace your fingers behind your back and bend the back, then lift them up, stretching.Do 5-10 approaches.
  5. bag of barley and put it on his head leaning against the wall to fix the posture.
  6. Lying on his back, legs imitate riding a bike, but instead in the hands of steering invest long object that you want to raise and lower chest.
  7. his back to the floor bend your knees and lift them and outstretched arms.Thus, the body should be strictly parallel to the floor.
  8. stand on all fours, alternately pulling his feet and hands (right hand forward - left foot back).
    Exercises for posture
  9. Kneeling (serried feet), put your hands up.Lower the arms to the floor and cuddle the breast at the knees, as if making a bow.Run slowly, fixing the position for a few seconds.
  10. Lying on your back, bend your knees, resting his feet.Arms stretched along the body, and not taking them off the floor, raise and lower pelvis.
  11. Exercise "kitty" - bend your back, rising to the top of the ass, then his head.
  12. Lying on your stomach, take a stick on the ends, lift it up, lower buttocks.
  13. exercises for posture correction large set, you can correct the curvature of almost every second, the main highlight for this time.
    Exercises for back home

Tips to get rid of the stoop and maintain good posture

  1. Choose the right pillow .Lying on her head with the spine should form a smooth line.A good pillow will help more to get rid of bags under the eyes and prevent early wrinkles on the forehead.
    The correct position during sleep
  2. cook in the kitchen sitting .It is not necessary to bend in the standing position, when you need something to clean or cut, you can do it perfectly on a stool at the table.
  3. If you are carrying heavy, wear something in one hand , alternating with the other, but not both, as many believe.We need to correct bad posture and not do worse.
  4. the evening after a hard and busy day, lie down on the bed and put it folded towels from the wand under the waist.Many people understand this method, who in the evening sore back strongly at the bottom, if you lie down on your back.
  5. very useful swimming .When swimming, you do not notice that, as the posture are building.The muscles relax and become stronger.
  6. Instead tilts, squat .If you need something to lift or drag, do it first, squatting, take the desired item and rise with it vertically.
  7. Sitting on a chair , from the angle of the knees should be about 125 degrees .
    How to sit
  8. need to wear shoes with a low heel , to reduce pain and tension in the back.
  9. When standing, then place feet shoulder width apart , to evenly distribute the weight.

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