Pain during menstruation

Pain during menstruation During the critical days, all of the fair sex feel uncomfortable, but there are times when menstruation accompanied by severe pain.In such cases, women have to call the "ambulance" and to stay at home on weekdays.
Menstrual pain can manifest as severe abdominal cramping, dull pain in the lumbar region, sharp contractions, accompanied by fainting, nausea and even diarrhea.

Causes of pain during menstruation

  • Comfortable clothes bending of the uterus;
  • presence of cysts;
  • endometriosis;
  • fibroma;
  • inflammation of the pelvic organs;
  • lack of calcium in the blood;
  • insufficient progesterone.

Getting rid of the pain associated with menstruation?

Tablets menstruation Analgesics


Warming heater helps with menstrual pain for menstrual pain relief can resort to warming of, in particular, to attach a bottle of warm water to the stomach, thus increasing blood flow to the uterine region and discomfort become much smaller.However, do not abuse this method, the process of warming must not exceed 15 minutes, otherwise you may provoke too much bleeding.During monthly
physicians advise the fair sex to drink more hot drinks (tea, infusions, decoctions, etc.).Breathing exercises

Herbal infusions

  • infusion of raspberry leaves (3 teaspoons raspberry leaf, 1 cup of boiled water, 15 minutes);
  • infusion of marjoram (1 tablespoon grass 1 cup of boiled water, 20 minutes);
  • flowers chamomile and lemon balm leaves (1 teaspoon of chamomile flowers, 1 teaspoon lemon balm leaves, 1 cup of boiled water, half an hour before a meal drink);
  • infusion of mint leaves, chamomile, valerian root (1 teaspoon collection, 1 cup of boiling water, leave for half an hour, drink 3 times a day for 2 tablespoons).


  1. She can not get out of bed in pain wait a few minutes, putting his elbows on the floor and knees, his head "hang" between the hands;
  2. lie on your back, bend your legs to the knees turned an angle of 90 degrees, rest your feet on the wall, in a position spend 5-7 minutes;
  3. lie on your stomach, place your hands on the floor, gently lift the chest and head until, until the pain in the back, head at this time should be thrown back, the course - 3-5 times;
  4. lie down on the floor, bend your legs, rest on the floor, gently flex, flex and then lower yourself back to the floor during the exercise should be possible to relax the muscles, the course - 4-5.

Massage and chiropractic

The girl hurt during menstruation Slowly massage the stomach area, where there are severe pain, do it slowly, clockwise, can affect the lumbar region.Actual use of solid balls (eg, tennis), put them in a cloth bag to avoid drove off, then lie on their back and occupy self-massage.The procedure should take at least 3-5 minutes, ideally up to 10 minutes.
Get on your knees and hips are actively pinching thus pain during menstruation will gradually decrease.The important point is the inside of the leg, about four fingers up from the ankle, it is quite sensitive, so you'll know when it was discovered.Other acupuncture points are located slightly below the belly button, in the groin, on the coccyx, in the central region of the back.At the point should be pressed hard to keep about 10 seconds, then let go smoothly.

Proper nutrition

Preventing pain during menstruation

Menstrual pain warn of unpleasant sensations in the lower abdomen and lower back during menstruation is possible, this should follow the right diet, to fill in the body lack of vitamins B and E, and minerals, in particular, magnesium and calcium.Useful one-day fasting and regular exercise.Stress - a dangerous factor for the fair sex, should be avoided, especially during menstruation.For example, if you throw a guy, it can significantly worsen the health of women during the critical days.Try to get plenty of rest, sound sleep - the perfect solution longer be outdoors.

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