Hand Care: Tips

Hand Care most exciting experience - it is self-care.All sorts of masks and baths, massages and peelings can be carried out for hours, and it's worth it.The body of thanks we lack cellulite and stretch marks, ingrown hair and skin problem.Hand care is particularly interesting and important process, because actually all we can say about a man once looked at his nails and fingers careful if he is well-groomed and how much belongs to him.Let's learn about home beauty recipes hands.

Baths for hands

  • spring should drink special vitamin complexes;
  • try to resolve their food, eat as many fresh fruits and vegetables;
  • bummer nails cut the end, or they can grow into the skin;
  • turpentine baths help to fight not only obesity, but also with other skin problems, and even in rough elbows, heels and feet;
  • principles of hand care at home are very simple, but they must strictly adhere to.
Moist hands very important time to take action when cracks and calluses on their hands, there will be very useful bath milk or its derivatives.Mil
k proteins generally are widely used in the beauty industry: they are used in shampoos, conditioners and lotions to protect the hair, creams and masks to moisturize and supply arms and face.And milk bath with oatmeal quickly and easily eliminate painful and rather unaesthetic cracks on their hands: two cups of hot milk is necessary to take two glasses of water to pour a half cup of oatmeal and stir thoroughly until smooth, then dip your hands.We maintain a "test" of 20 minutes, wipe and causes a nourishing cream.

Hand masks

Hand Care Many folk remedies for skin care Hand drawn up on the basis of olive oil , and not surprising, because it means a godsend for beauticians and women who love themselves and keep their money.Sometimes it is enough simply to wipe hands clean oil.This is one of the most effective ways to get rid of very dry skin and a layer of polish.
  1. lemon .Whitens and smoothes out even the roughest skin mask is sufficient to mix the flesh with two tablespoons of oil, best olive oil, and two pre-whipped egg whites.Apply half an hour.
  2. strawberries - simply delicious too whitens the skin, especially with honey.The recipe is simple: for mature skin with signs of pigmentation to mix three berries with a spoon of honey and apply on the skin, and nails do not avoid, becausestrawberries contains vitamin C, which strengthens the nail plate perfectly.Apply and keep for at least 30 minutes.
  3. banana .Cosmetics skin care products from the pulp of banana hands are especially popular becauseis a natural antioxidant that not only uplifting when ingested, but very very good for dry and cracked skin and face.For the masks need to whisk the egg yolk and mix it with the pulp of the fruit.If desired, one can add to the weight a few drops of essential oils.
  4. grapes .This mask is great for women after 40 and 50, asover half of the month is able to smooth out most wrinkles on the hands and face.Just cut the berries in half and rub the juice face, but do it regularly - and the result will not take long.

peeling hands

Scrubbing the skin of hands any proper hand care is not only masks and baths, but also in exfoliating complex procedures.Any procedure has to start with cleansing the epidermis from dead or sick particles for this purpose and need scrubs, which are very easily made at home.

professional hand care

Professional hand care Many effective means of producing and world-famous brand of cosmetics such as eveline.The brand combines the two most important qualities - the availability and quality.Very good results are known care set in the winter Godea this company.
  • at least once a month, or even better two or three (especially in winter), it is necessary to carry out the procedure for paraffin;
  • salon manicure - this is a mandatory procedure every two weeks;
  • not neglect imported creams, though they are not cheap, but very efficacious;
  • all recommendations are optional, but highly desirable in the performance;
  • nails should be the same length, it looks more aesthetically pleasing, and is much more practical, so watch out for the general state of the hands;
  • regularly grease the hands and nails with olive or sunflower oil;
  • if for soup to be a reception or evening, it is necessary to lubricate hand cream;
  • especially important attitude to itself, manicured hands and hair are helping us to become more feminine and charming.