Clarification of hair on his hands: how and what to lighten

Clarification of hair problem of unwanted hair on the body with the arrival of summer heat is becoming increasingly important.But not necessarily run to the salon and spend money on a fabulous Brazilian hair removal, but there are more sparing methods, such as lightening the hair on his arms and body.

Clarification hydrogen peroxide

  • ceramic bowl (or porcelain, but not metallic);
  • 30% peroxide (3 teaspoons) and can be purchased at any pharmacy;
  • gidroperita packaging;
  • and half a spoon of soda.

lighten hair herbs

  • linden flowers;
  • Calendula;
  • usual dandelion (in addition to lightening the hair also can help get rid of warts).

Kitchen struggle

squeezing a lemon the kitchen all have apple cider vinegar.It turns out that such a clarification of hair on the body of folk remedies and arms not only very effective, but also harmless.It is necessary to mix the vinegar and lemon juice in a ratio of two to one, and using the sponge is applied on skin.But there is also a slight drawback - besides hair, pale skin, and even so in the summer i
s not an option, it is better to resort to pure lemon juice.

Special means

lubricated hands Many recommend paint Blondeks or pallet.Cheap and cheerful, and the main thing - the result of direct and noticeable.You can also use the more expensive means of Letual - byly.But such chemicals should not be used if the skin is damaged, for example, irritation from shaving or other dermatological problems.
  • not use chemicals if irritation or skin diseases;
  • required to perform the test for allergies;
  • not use products with ammonia and peroxide more than twice a week.