How to get rid of stretch marks

Stretch marks on the belly Often after a dramatic weight loss, weight gain or the birth of a child on the body remain "notable" signs - striae.They appear at the time, the skin loses a lot of moisture and becomes rough, prone to micro-breaks tissues.Nutritionists, cosmetologists and massage therapists share their personal experiences, how to get rid of stretch marks at home and prevent them.

stretch marks

  • itching;
  • unsightly;
  • pain.
The generic extensions We need a spoon mummy, a little warm water and baby cream or cream against stretch marks (80 grams).All the ingredients mix and begin to rub the skin with soft circular motions over an hour.Then we leave for another half an hour for a deep impact, rinse with warm water and nourish the skin of the olive oil.

Stretch marks on breasts

Stretch marks on breasts girl with big breasts and volume are often faced with the problem of stretch marks on the breasts.Some packs will not be enough, you need to do is focus on the exercise.So, to make the breast skin elasticity is necessary to get up to the starting position - feet s
houlder width apart, hands free, in the hands of a small dumbbell (0.5 kg).Begins to raise his hands from the top down, after rising to breed them in different directions.This is repeated for 10 minutes.In general, exercise - is a great way how to get rid of stretch marks in the home without resorting to methods salon.

recipe for homemade scrub stretch marks

The remedy for stretch marks What to cook scrub of coffee at home you need to take 5 tablespoons drink finely ground, mixed with water (until a thick mushy consistency), and add a bit of cosmetic oils (olive, lavender, orange or lemon).Thoroughly stir the mixture and hold massage.

What to do with stretch marks on the body

  • Wrapping of stretch marks extra inches disappear quickly;
  • skin becomes more elastic;
  • dermis saturated with nutrients and vitamins, it improves the quality of color, smoothness, regenerative processes;
  • will go stretching, cellulite and age spots.

Cabin treatments for stretch marks

Streamers in the cabin is very efficient laser procedures.This is a very expensive pleasure, but rather efficient, and most importantly - the result is noticeable immediately.Laser removes all kinds of stretch marks from podrastkovyh to old.
  1. Pregnancy;
  2. vascular dystonia in an acute form;
  3. Diseases of the skin with open wounds.