Irritation after shaving: how to get rid

Irritation after shaving armpits not unusual - this irritation after shaving on the delicate skin of boys or girls.It is not a disease but a completely natural skin reaction to an external stimulus - razor.Most often inflamed skin in the bikini area and face, how to avoid and prevent this phenomenon?

How to get rid of irritation after shaving

What if skin irritation bikini

Irritation after shaving the bikini
  1. Damaged skin in intimate areas in close contact with synthetics, for example, low-quality women's panties or bad bathing suit;
  2. blade is blunt or rust quickly, it is best to use special reusable razor;
  3. groin quickly grow hair, in this regard, they require frequent shaving, which is very damaging sensitive skin.

How to deal with have become irritated after shaving folk ways

Irritation after shaving armpits Once dry shaving an unpleasant itchy feeling, as if the skin is pulled together.Quickly remove the skin irritation can mint chamomile broth.Herbs in equal proportions cook on a quiet fire, after they insist two hours a dark place, cool sponge and put on the dermis, this method can hel
p relieve skin irritation armpits .

How to prevent irritation after shaving:

  1. Girl with a razor Always use a clean machine if disposable razor - each time a new, sharper than the blade - the lower the probability of occurrence of inflammatory processes;
  2. Make Brazilian hair removal.A radical way to solve the problem for a month shaving;
  3. Only use special means: foams, gels, after-shave lotions.Soap and dry procedure provoke the appearance of inflammation, pimples and ingrown hairs;
  4. avoid irritation of the skin after shaving is possible, using moisturizing mask;
  5. Use only your own razor.