Sweaty palms: Causes and Treatment

A couple holding hands In ancient Rome, now instead of the standard phrases about health, the streets were asked: "How palms sweat?".While the answer to this question meant the quality of health, as in normal people should have a good sweat.But what if the process got out of control and delivers certain inconveniences?Why do I get sweating and how to fight it?

Causes of hyperhidrosis

  1. Disorders of the endocrine system .
  2. The lack of certain vitamins , or conversely, their abundance, especially if we are talking about an unusual state of the organism, for example, pregnancy or diet.
  3. in infants cause of excessive sweating can become both high temperature in the room, and the first signs of lack of vitamin D .But it is also worth knowing that the child has fully glands work instinctively, this process is not corrupted by external factors, and if your feet sweat, forehead or palm, then maybe it's just the body regulates body temperature.
  4. nervous stress .One of the most common causes of hyperhidrosis.
  5. Increased sweating is also witnessing an illness of the body.There is a list, at what diseases it happens: oncology, vetativno-vascular dystonia, early menopause, gipertirioz diabetes.

As a folk medicine to cure excessive sweating

Sweaty hands To combat this problem there are traditional ways (injections, tablets, irradiation) and unconventional (decoctions of herbs, compresses).For many girls, the first may not seem particularly attractive.In recent years, more and more doctors are practicing treatment Botox injections sweating of palms, whose weight contraindications.But there are others:
  1. Injections of botulinum toxins.
  2. Liposuction.
  3. operably intervention.
Applying cream on hands It may also be that not approached mask or lotion , for example, which helps get rid of acne on the back.This is often attributed to the person or sweating palms.Here to help ordinary potassium permanganate .Make slightly pink solution, moisten the sponge in it, and gently stroked the problem areas.The main thing - to do this is not very concentrated mixture, or can be burned.

antipode problems sweat

Woman with palms But there are problems and contradictory.Sometimes young ladies palms do not sweat, it also means certain violations:
  1. Lack or excess of iodine.
  2. disorder of the thyroid gland.
  3. Prolonged contact with chemistry or poor-quality cosmetics.

palms sweat: challenges and prejudices