Tanning Tan was and still is in vogue, especially in winter and spring, when the streets are full of beauties with pearly pale skin.Tanning is in almost every city, very different prices, types and conditions.But it is safe tan in the solarium as cosmetologists say?

opinion pundits about tanning

  1. UV exposure - that an effective way to help get rid of acne on the back.
  2. During tanning significantly improves blood circulation, which helps to establish the metabolism.
  3. UV rays in winter and spring to help fight the decline in the body's defenses.
  4. If properly calculate the time tanning you can conquer diseases such as eczema, psoriasis.
  5. Men who seek to get a nice tan in the sun or in the solarium, improves potency.
Girl in swimsuit at solarium

skin type and all of the tanning

Eye color points skin reaction to sun bath points
bright eyes, green, blue-series, gray 0 Severe burns 0
Saturated color: green, gray, blue 2 minor burns 2
Light brown, green Karo 4 Moderate burns, easy peeling 4
Dark brown 8 There are no burns 8
natural skin color points average duration Sun points
Pale milk, porcelain 0 not kept on the skin 0
Light, without milky 2 from a few days to a week 2
white, with a dark tint, yellow 4 relatively long tan - 2 weeks 4
Swarthy 8 Swarthy skin remains so for a month or more 8

Secrets beautiful tan

  1. Secrets of a beautiful tan nice tan - it color uniformity and proper time allocation procedure, it is important not to overdo it.Many well - it's too bad.
  2. Sunburn spots - is a frequent phenomenon in the vertical tanning solarium.Try to pick the right device, especially for extreme skin types - albinos and dark European.
  3. Strengthening Sun - this is a very laborious exercise, it needs to use only proven means of traditional methods or imported products.
  4. smoothly and fast tan - a consequence of the correct approach.Even in the booth use suntan or against burns (depending on the number and type of treatments of the skin).
  5. Safe tanning can only solarium with high-quality modern equipment , which is set up not only to rapid effect, but also the safety of the skin during the procedure, as well as sugar hair removal and choice of material and the master (by the way, is not recommended afterthis procedure immediately begin the process of ignition).
  6. Before tanning procedure you must hold peeling , get rid of ingrown hairs on their own or with the help of a specialist is necessary in order to obtain an even color.
  7. uneven tan - is a consequence of neglect of the preparation procedures.After such manipulation is often quite difficult to get rid of age spots on the skin.

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