Sugar hair removal

Sugar hair removal Sugar hair removal - a procedure that was popular in ancient times.And the very first learned how to make her a woman of Egypt.In the Arab countries a way to sugar hair removal today is popular as of the requirements of the Muslim religion, a woman should have as little hair on his body.Apart from that, the sugar hair removal has many advantages, for example, it is very effective and suitable for the most sensitive skin.Once it is completely safe and easy to wash off with water.But its only disadvantage in this procedure is a little painful, but quite bearable.

Home Recipes sugar paste

Sugar hair removal at home worth noting that the sugar hair removal - it is a very simple procedure.And to cook sugar mixture in the home need:
  • Sugar.
  • water.
  • Lemon.

sugar hair removal methods

Sugar hair removal itself
  1. sugar mass Apply on the skin and cover with a cloth.Otrvat sharp movement against the hair growth.
  2. Roll a ball and roll it over the skin.The hairs themselves will come off.
  3. Dip hands in solution and applied to the sharp movements of the legs a
    nd tear hairs.

Benefits sugar hair removal

The process of the sugar hair removal The main advantages available to the sugar hair removal is that this procedure is natural and does not cause allergies.Since the mixture was not epilation incorporates additional additives, such as perfumes, preservatives and colorants, and consists only of sugar and water.That is why the skin after the procedure is not red, and on it there is no allergic reactions.In addition to its implementation does not need help, because it can be done at home by yourself.