Increased perspiration

Increased perspiration Sweating is a natural process during training and physical exertion at high temperatures, it protects the body from overheating.However, excessive sweating under normal conditions, ie in the normal state, is not the norm, it is one of the worst health problems, especially the issue of girls care.These troubles occur at the wrong time when cope with them is almost impossible, the person feels ashamed and stiffness.It serves as a "call" that the body has a problem of internal glands and diseases of the nervous system conditions.The most vulnerable areas are the palms, armpits, soles of the feet, face, groin.It serves as a springboard for the emergence of a large number of acne on the back.

Causes sweating

  1. The smell of sweat primary - often have a genetic predisposition, reflected in the fact that only parts sweat: palms, axillary, plantar and faces.
  2. secondary are the consequence of external factors and diseases:
  • Violation of hormones.It occurs in people suffering from obesity, the cardiovascular, nervous and end
    ocrine systems, work of adrenal glands.Women during menopause happen "tides", which are accompanied by cold and clammy.In men with the disease of the prostate gland - in this case, should immediately seek medical attention.
  • diabetes.People suffering from this disease, cold sweat - a typical side effect.It is necessary to donate blood for sugar.
  • low blood pressure with accompanying pale skin, dystonia.
  • During reception of certain drugs.
  • Increased body temperature in the disease, when short-term sweating is a sign of the body's fight against infection.

8 ways to remove and treat sweating that is not a consequence of diseases

Using antiperspirants
  1. application of antiperspirants in problem areas: the palms, underarms and feet.Apply only on clean, dry skin, otherwise it will only get worse - an unbearable smell and no action.
  2. Wear loose-fitting clothing made of natural fabrics such as cotton and linen, and completely get rid of synthetics.Avoid dresses slim cut.
  3. removed from the diet spicy foods, coffee and soft drinks.
  4. Iontophoresis: weak electric current reduces sweating of palms and hands.The procedure is done several times a week for at least a month.It prohibited for people with pacemakers.
  5. Botox injections under the skin, which does not allow to penetrate nerve impulses to the sweat glands, and as a result, does not allow them to fall to highlight the sweat.The method works effectively for a period six months, but has a high cost and discomfort during administration.
  6. prescribed by a doctor, the use of sedatives that improve the functioning of the nervous system or the use of hormonal methods.
  7. destruction of sweat glands surgically.But rarely used, only when other methods do not help.
  8. In the hot useful swimming, since chlorine is derived from the body fluid, thereby podsushivaya skin.

Traditional methods of treating hyperhidrosis

  • Signs of increased sweating take regular showers, especially in the hot season.Watch the hygiene of the whole body, preferably in the evening (so as not to irritate the skin during the day) to shave the hair under the armpits to eliminate the growth of bacteria.
  • do the bath with sage, oak bark, pine needles.Pour a few tablespoons of boiling water and steep grass.Proportion is not as important as it is applied not to the inside, take on the eye.Slowly spray the body.If the problem is only one part of the body, there are more methods to help get rid of foot odor and the various methods for treating cracked heels.
  • Wiping aqueous solution of vinegar or baking soda problem areas.Baking soda or vinegar in a pint of water.
  • Washing body baby soap.It dries the skin, so for the time preventing sweat.