3D mezoniti for facelift


  • Mezoniti - what is it
  • How is lift mezonityami
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  • Benefits and contraindications
  • lift mezonityami home
  • How to care for the person after treatment mezonityami

Mezoniti - what is it

  1. beauty botox injections;
  2. filling the voids between the cells of the skin;
  3. Laser lifting;
  4. Oxygen exposure (most often presented in the form of special cosmetics, which nourishes the skin with active ingredients).
Mezoniti face The most important advantage of this rejuvenation is speed.Reviews say that mezoniti for facelift imposed for an hour, what can be done even during the lunch break at work.Another very significant advantage is the absence of little face various injuries, as, for example, after a laser resurfacing or injections.You will be able to go out in a couple of hours after the procedure, and on his face there will be no negative signs cosmetic surgery.

How is lift mezonityami

Benefits and contraindications

  1. pregnant and breastfeeding because of the risk of rejectio
  2. girls whose vessels are located very close to the skin;
  3. Women with various skin diseases, including some, psoriasis, ringworm, eczema, etc.
  4. Owners allergy to the active components of threads;
  5. patient after surgery, chemotherapy, cancer patients and others with suppressed immune systems.
Mezoniti in cosmetology Photo - Mezoniti in cosmetology
  1. tighten the skin on the forehead, wasp, eyes, cheeks;
  2. eliminate small wrinkles on the neck;
  3. refurbish and give elasticity to the epidermis;
  4. much correct oval face;
  5. now also used a technique firming epidermis on the body with the help of mezonitey and acupuncture.

lift mezonityami home

How to care for the person after treatment mezonityami

  1. Wash only purified water with special soft tonics and lotions (preferably with active oxygen);
  2. Try to use in make-up cosmetics with a high UV protection;
  3. Pay particular attention to the oxygen masks, they will help extend the life of the filaments;
  4. Do not use after mesotherapeutic threads facial rejuvenation hyaluronic at least six months;
  5. Laser polishing, abrasive scrubs, acid peels can contribute to premature dissolution of threads;
  6. follow the diet as much as possible, reduce the amount of coffee, alcohol, nicotine, sweets, etc.