Homemade masks for hair density

Girl with thick hair To the girl looked good, sometimes simply a luxurious head of hair.For those whom nature has not endowed natural curls good, there are special masks for hair density.We offer to take note of recipes for different types of curls improvised.
  • Alcohol and greasy hair
  • Thickening dry strands
  • selection of different recipes

Alcohol and greasy hair

  • tincture of pepper;
  • eggs;
  • olive oil.
Woman and pepper Photo - Pepper mask

Thickening dry strands

  • spoon fat sour cream;
  • burdock;
  • chips almond or walnut.

selection of different recipes

The mask on the head girl Photo - Masks for density curls
  1. decoction of camomile - for light, tea leaves of black tea - for the dark;
  2. Henna colorless;
  3. Egg.
Thick hair girl Photo - Thick hair girl
  1. pepper and mustard "wake up" bulbs;
  2. yeast masks provide food and thickening;
  3. folk hair mask for the density of brandy to help cope with the extra fat, accelerate growth;
  4. Masks based on eggs - the best cleaners;
  5. It is suggested to make regular reducing agents from vegetables, such as onions, garlic;
  6. Regardless of length, using essential oils, namely, burdock, castor, peach, cedar.