All kinds of women's panties

Types of women 3 types of women Photo - 3 types of shorts: mini, maxi and midi

Shorts: slips

Shorts: slips - photo Photo: Panties slips

Thong (often referred to as "G-stringĀ»)

Thong Panties - photo Photo: Thong Panties
  • G-string - fully open lowwaist, back part is represented by a small triangle.
  • V-Thong - analogue G-string, but instead created a triangle of lace fabric or thin rubber bands.
  • T-thong - a triangle of fabric in the front, in the back - a strip of cloth with the letter T, often adorned with decorative elements.
  • With G-string - briefs unique!Nor any rubber bands on each side instead of the silicone frame that covers the most secret places.
C-string panties - photo Photo - pants C-string

Shorts Thong

Briefs Shorts Thong - photo Photo: Shorts Thong


Tanga briefs - photo Photo: Panties thongs


Boxer briefs - photo Photo: boxer briefs


Shorts Shorts - photo Photo - Briefs shorts


Thong panties - photo Photos: Panties Thong


Panties devant-derer - photo Photo: Panties Dewan-derer



Bikini panties - photo Photos: Bikini panties


Pentti or briefs with sculpting effect

Panties Pentti - photo Photo - Panties Pentti Sizes panties - photo Photo - Sizes cowards

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