Homemade masks for strengthening of hair structure

Girl with hair wrap up damaged hair, dull and fragile, in need of special care.Especially important to strengthen hair mask.What are the tools to use to strengthen, moisturize and improve the hair growth?How to mask itself such as to keep the time?Select the component parts based on the color and condition of the locks.
  • Nutrition and treatment of dry strands
  • Greasy hair: to restore and strengthen
  • Combined hair type
  • Professional

Nutrition and treatment of dry strands

  • yeast;
  • colorless henna;
  • liquid vitamins.
  1. burdock - from the drop-down strands and if you have strong locks;
  2. almond - to strengthen the structure of hair folk remedies;
  3. peach - hydration and strengthen split ends and brittle locks;
  4. castor - to strengthen and shine of hair and nails (castor oil-based preparations are ideal for light strands);
  5. cedar oil - to improve the condition of normal and long hair;
  6. olive, sunflower, hemp - serves as the basis;moisturizes, enhances the action of other components.

Greasy hair: to restore and strengthen

  • part of sea salt;
  • three parts shredded kelp (seaweed);
  • a little olive oil.
Girl with wet hair Photo - Masks based brandy
  • birch tar (or tar soap, is in any store or pharmacy);
  • oil castor oil;
  • two yolks;
  • favorite means of care curls (suitable professional masks or conditioners).

Combined hair type

Bottles with essential oils Photo - Oils masks


Basket with onions Photo - Onions for masks