How to become soft and feminine

The embodiment of femininity girl Charming girl - queen of men's hearts.
Each representative of the fairer sex wants to be feminine, to conquer the men, and to be loved, beautiful and attractive.Femininity many of us associate with the charm.This phenomenon is inside a woman, but it is not available to all.It is not always lovely, the fair sex could be called feminine.This art must learn and learn how to be feminine.

What you should pay attention to in order to achieve success and be charming?

  • Looking
  • touch and gestures
  • Confidence
  • Communication skills
  • Figure
  • Image


Feminine girl look View and femininity - concepts that can not be separated from each other.Surly and indifferent glance might alienate man, but a caring, gentle and affectionate, on the contrary, arrange any.To achieve affable expression eyes, you must always think about pleasant.For example, remember the situations that cause you only positive emotions.
In conversation with the person you need to look into his eyes, and the eyes should be open.During the call, you can
blink flirty eyes to arouse his interlocutor ambiguous feelings.You can resort to a little trick - choose mascara for the eyes, it is possible, either by giving or lengthening the amount of, or in this together.

touch and gestures

Feminine girl smiling About feminine touch the dream of every man.Indeed, this phenomenon is seen as something intimate and personal, but it can be touch and feminine.That is their contact with clothes, face, hair.For example, very often the fair sex could fix her hair, which cried out hairstyles.Or to put his legs or arms crossed over his chest.Such movements can make a specific portrait of a woman.Therefore, it is necessary to perform feminine touch gently, gently and slowly, but should not be frank emphasis on this.


Communication skills

Self-confident girl Did you know that the courtesans and geisha fascinated many men not for its beauty and ability to communicate.Femininity also implies the ability to communicate, talk and maintain a conversation.Agree that the man often looking for a good companion with whom you can talk about life issues, beautiful.


Feminine girl with a beautiful figure Every man thinks exactly the feminine representative of the fairer sex, which is the owner of a beautiful figure.In turn, many women are trying to get closer to the ideal, and become the owner of the cherished size: 90-60-90.To do this, ladies sit on a diet, exercise and dance.And I believe that will be feminine if lose weight.


Sexy and feminine woman What clothes in the first place, it may be associated with a feminine way?Perhaps it is a variety of skirts and dresses, and shoes with high heels.The girl who put on the beautiful dress and high heels, can already be considered feminine.Is it really?She tenderly looks at man Thus, disclosed the secrets of femininity, they are able to master every girl.Every woman may feel charming, but suffers from a lack of male attention, she does not know how to attract a guy, if you like.So, you just need a change something to like representatives of a strong half of mankind.

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