How to choose a fur coat?

The girl, dressed in a gorgeous coat


  • quality fur.At this point, all sellers insist fur.Conditions important, but to meet the low-quality fur today is not so easy.If you buy a fur coat in the store, then surely a quality fur.It must shine, sparkle, there should be no indentation places, fur should not look crumpled.Basically, that's all.If the store does not exist one year, it will sell a quality product.Otherwise, the negative reviews will not get off.And who needs the business problems?
  • model selection.Here you need to be careful.Firstly, on the furs have the same fashion as all other wardrobe items.What you bought today may be totally out of fashion next year.Therefore rule here is to not buy fashionable things, and classic models.Watch out also for length and style.For models with slightly elongated belt and you can choose jeans and dresses, with any.And here is a short and straight coats in silhouette hard to combine with elegant dresses.The choice is yours.
  • Can not get rid of the habit of buying everything new buzz?Then
    you can buy a hit of the season, and the following year to sell a fur coat.Yes, it will lose in price, but whatever the coat, you can sell it, especially if it is in good condition.Wear neat, and then profitably sell and buy yourself a new fashion item!
  • issue price.By the way, the price can be the deciding factor on which you will be guided in buying a fur coat.It is not necessary to pay for the name.That is the margin for the brand and established fashion Fur Salon.You should not buy a thing on the market, but instead of expensive salons can find a lot of shops that for years working in the market.Also, do not forget also about the version of tailoring.