Peach oil for hair growth

Peach oil for hair Many hairdressers to treat malnourished and dry curls peach oil is widely used for hair.This tool is perfectly moisturizes the scalp, fills strand strength and makes them shine.Many home remedies it is this essential oil is used to improve the condition of skin and hair.

Why peach

  1. accelerates the recovery of hair after chemotherapy;
  2. accelerates hair growth;
  3. effectively fights dandruff;
  4. gives hair volume;
  5. contains almost all vitamins for hair growth - A, E, D.

How to use peach oil

  • olive oil (it is slightly soften the effect of peach);
  • dimexide (available at any pharmacy, it is necessary for a deeper penetration into the hair of nutrients);
  • peach oil (you can buy a pharmacy, but it is better to give preference to a special hair is very successful in its production company Clean Line);
Oil from the peach All this is thoroughly mixed and applied to the hair, as if trying to rub it into the gentle movements.Keep your hair at least 40 minutes, then rinse carefully, without touching the eye.This is particular
ly useful for split ends.

Application for dry hair

Slices of juicy peach often in recipes you can see coconut or almond oil, but not in many countries, it can be purchased as well as in the CIS countries better to replace it with peach, not less effective for dry hair.
  • after it is not necessary to smear hair balm or air conditioning;
  • much more effective if the water in the recipe completely replace broths;
  • recommended to use at least twice a week;
  • best to alternate the use of peach and burdock oil.