Natural shampoo for hair - where to buy

Natural shampoos At home, you can make great natural shampoos for the hair, which is much better and cheaper counterparts purchased.Their structure does not include a huge number of chemicals and fragrances, but there are plenty of vitamins and minerals.

shampoo with egg-based

Shampoos soda

Dairy products

Yogurt shampoo with oily shine face and hair are very helpful to fight milk products.They do not require any further additives, asthemselves saturated with locks all the necessary vitamins and minerals.Kefir masks are used not only as a secondary means of escape, but as a great and gentle shampoo for damaged blond hair .

Natural herbal shampoo

  1. makes hair shine
  2. good fights dandruff;
  3. widely used to restore the strands after coloring or perm;
Herbs for natural shampoos white flowers that grow in almost every court and before the rain begin to close, called the soap dish.This plant got its name because of a very interesting property: if your hands are wet rub the flowers, there will be foam, which can be used instead of soap or shampoo.
  • daisy - brightens and shine;
  • nettle - eliminates posechennye tips;
  • dish soap - cleans and gives a feeling of freshness;
  • sage - soothes irritation;
  • lime - used for volume;
  • burdock (burdock) - fights dandruff and hair loss, especially good oil and moisturizing mask.

Professional shampoos with their hands

Dry shampoo Stamps natural shampoos for hair differ from conventional in that the creation of such beauty and care resources are used much less chemicals and concentrates.That is why often replace regular shampoo for animals.Horse shampoo are known for their beneficial properties for a long time: they are used for density and shine hair, while the use of such funds curls grow faster and thicker the hair becomes.
  • fast and reliable cleaning of hair grease and dirt;
  • stimulation of normal blood circulation in the scalp;
  • used for purification and to increase;
  • its use does not suffer from the human microflora, and hair have a pleasant natural scent.
  • special shampoo to make their own hands or buy it in the store;
  • do regular self-massage and a mask;
  • watch your diet;
  • addition shampoo balms used for rapid growth and easy combing hair not to harm hairstyles at each wave combs;
  • take vitamins and often walk in the fresh air;
  • possible to get rid of bad habits, or even natural shampoo for hair loss will be powerless in the face and dandruff.