Elyuminirovanie hair at home and salons

What it is: elyuminirovanie?

technology elyuminirovaniya hair

The palette of colors goldwell The entire process consists of two approaches: the first is applied during the colorless coating, the purpose of which the formation of the oxide film on the hair, while the second takes place directly staining.

Elyuminirovanie hair at home

Woman with shiny hair creation of such a miracle the house is only possible with special tools.It's not just that the hair dye on their own - a complex and painstaking process, but in the opposite electromagnetic charges of the particles to be produced staining.
  1. Elyuminirovanie involves degreasing hair.Wash well head, apply a balm, it is necessary to lay down scales hairs evenly on the surface;
  2. Gently comb the hair and proceed to color;
  3. Elyuminirovat hair should be from the back, gradually moving to the front of the head;
  4. survive time exactly as stated in the instructions to the facility after carefully wash off, dry them acceptable way and enjoy the result;
  5. very important to use authentic cosmetics, counterfeiting
    can harm your hair or not to give the desired effect.

Pros and cons elyuminirovaniya hair

  1. Elyuminirovanie absolutely no need in any care and hair styling.It is very profitable, and now do not need to take care of the keratin hair straightening or Biowave, simply a convenient way to dry the head;
  2. gives hair volume, new strength, improves the structure of the hair from the inside;
  3. remarkable toning hair after bleaching, gives the necessary shade even the most damaged and overheated hair;
  4. can mix several colors to obtain your ideal shade.
  5. Elyuminirovanie leaves hair not only a lasting effect, as small microparticles in the hair, so that each procedure color will look more intense and last longer.
  1. possible allergic reaction, so before using it to test;
  2. is not recommended during pregnancy becauseResearch about getting Elyumen components in blood, placenta or breast milk is not carried out, it is better not to take risks;
  3. Strongly fit girl with thick and coarse hair.