How to thick hair at home

How to make hair thicker thick healthy hair - it's the best decoration girls.Luxury hair attracts the attention of men and the envy of competitors.Nature, unfortunately, not everyone made such a gift, but this defect can be easily fixed at home.How to make your hair thicker and do not spend a lot of money?We help people's beauty recipes.

Head massage oils

Massage the scalp for hair density With daily shampooing, hair depleted and require special care.Massage using lemon juice and castor oil not only makes the hairs are much thicker liquid, but also helps to lighten the hair.It is necessary to mix a spoonful of castor oil and burdock with two teaspoons lemon juice, a little means to heat and rub into the scalp.Massage spend just a couple of minutes, then immediately wash off the oil.
  • field of lavender oil (5 drops);
  • peppermint oil (3 drops);
  • decoction of sage, rosemary, basil and mint (in equal parts, the rate of 1 tablespoon per cup of boiling water);
  • kitchen vinegar (pair of glasses, but if the hair is very dry or damaged, then take half).

Masks hair and give them thickness

Girl with thick red hair Generally, kefir mask is recommended to do, even when the hair is in excellent condition.Milk proteins create an invisible film that protects the hair from external aggressions.Make a hair thicker, you can with the help of yogurt, cocoa and eggs.This tool helps even when partial baldness.We need to shake up half a cup of yogurt with one egg and a tablespoon of cocoa.The mixture is applied to the sparse hair along the entire length, paying attention to the roots.Apply in several layers need to: make one, it dried up - caused the second, and so up to three times.Wrap the hair in plastic, wrapped with a towel and wait for half an hour.Rinse best warm infusion of herbs: chamomile, sage, thyme.Beautiful girl with thick hair If you want to make your hair thicker the child, it can be a quick fix burdock.It is very gentle, but effective influence on the growth and helps the blood to circulate properly in the scalp.A few drops gently rubbed into the children's hair and leave for 10 minutes, rinse, repeat no more than twice a week.

Cabin methods for hair density

Girl with false hair Many women have recently started to do laminating hair.It's quite expensive, but very effective event, after which the strands actually become thicker, thicker and much healthier.The operation consists in the fact that the damaged hair is a special solution is applied, it can withstand a certain time and washed.Curls immediately appear thicker and become softer and obedient.It's great ladies who have direct and enough volume curls.
  • procedure is quite expensive;
  • hair is not treated, but just visually look better;
  • possible allergic reaction.

thick hair on the nature

Gorgeous thick hair In fact, a comprehensive approach about thin hair can be forgotten in two weeks.Proper care, massages and masks together give a stunning effect.How to make your hair thicker, the basic rules of a luxurious head of hair:
  1. Never comb wet hair, it damages the structure and breaks them at the root, especially if the length below the shoulders;
  2. In the cold season you can not go out without a hat.Follicles be nipped by the frost, and some even may become lifeless and about thick hair can be forgotten;
  3. need to wash your hair with warm water;
  4. It is best to wash it using herbal teas: sage, chamomile, mint.So strands become much thicker and bulkier;
  5. Try as much as possible to dissolve the hair, then it would be better circulation of the head;
  6. regularly cut off the ends and make a mask for split ends;
  7. Eat foods that promote hair growth: fish, fresh fruits and vegetables.Doing hair thicker in the first place to take care of the food.