How to remove hair from yellowing

How to remove hair from yellowing Sometimes painting is not always pleases us the desired result, and the latter-day blondes torturing yourself the question how to remove the yellowing from the hair.Sometimes blond hair get a yellow tinge due to external factors: failure due to improperly matched the toning of hair color, some traditional methods of improving the quality of locks (for example, rinse hair with vinegar).There are many ways to solve this problem.

Remove the yellowness after hair coloring

  1. depletes hair ;
  2. begins loss curls ;
  3. radically changing the structure and type of hair head;
  4. possible skin burns head.

What tools help remove the yellowing on the hair

How to remove the yellowing hair henna

  1. Hair Yellowness often to remove the yellowing on red hair after rendering, quite a few times wash them thoroughly;
  2. Rinse with water with lemon juice or a peroxide solution;
  3. Make kefir or honey mask and leave for an hour.
  4. Wash your hair with soda;
  5. discolor special paint.

How to lighten red hair

Blonde with flying hair If after dyeing locks acquire
d a solar shade, you can get rid of it using peroxide solution .Just mix a teaspoon with a glass of water and rinse your head.But the red pigment is revealed not only after painting:
  1. Owners bleached hair are more sensitive to the chemical composition of water, and sometimes a large amount of iron in her tresses gives yellowness;
  2. blondes have frequently after clarification folk ways the hair is slightly darker, it will pass by itself, does not need them to discolor;
  3. Often, the result depends on external factors: a properly sized means of counting time, the temperature in the room where painted.The room, which produces any effect on the hair, whether it's a mask or laminate must be warm, if lightened hair - it is not allowed even a light draft.

Remove after a home hair coloring yellowness