Kefir-yeast hair mask

Kefir hair mask cure for hair professional circles practiced the use of milk protein.They saturate locks trace elements, vitamins, moisturizing agents.Kefir hair mask some of the most accessible and effective means to address many of the problems of hair, including for colored hair.

benefits of yogurt for curls

  1. With protein strands to form a protective micro-film ;
  2. Displays of locks and scalp toxins and radionuclides ;
  3. Availability in applying ;
  4. Bacteria , which is full of product, favor the accelerated growth of curls and natural purification , folk recipes that proof.

Kefir mask for dry hair

The yolk for hair masks For dry hair with problems of fragility and dandruff, which are cut at the tips, will be an excellent means of moisturizing mask for colored hair with fresh egg yolk, flower honey and a small amount of yogurt .We need to take 200 grams of product, pre-whipped yolks, a little warm honey flower.Mix until smooth with a comb and apply on hair, leave for at least forty minutes, then gently rinse.

Kefir mask for oily hair

Milk-kefir mask for normal hair

Kefir hair mask with banana structure of this type of curls you need all the time to maintain, many factors adversely affect them - and need protection. Banana-kefir mask wonderful strands for fit in winter .Oil fruit in conjunction with protein dairy products promotes improvement, giving the volume and speed of hair growth.It is necessary to grind one fruit and mix it with milk or yogurt (for the mask needs one glass of calculating the average length and thickness).Impose the mixture on the head cover, cover with polythene and a towel, waiting for 40 minutes.After we wash off lukewarm waters.
  1. Wash your head only means for determining the type of curls;
  2. Avoid the use of artificial methods of drying and styling - hair dryer, ironing, curling irons;
  3. take vitamins C, E, A, and it is desirable to drink at least a month full range.