Moisturizing Hair Mask

Moisturizing hair mask Why moisturizing mask for dry hair ?After the various treatments that have on the hair is not very good effect: curling, straightening regular laundries and hairdryer, part painting, etc., hair loses vitality, lost shine and volume.Depending on the type of problem and the amount of free time each decides what to take: to go to the salon to the cycle of costly recovery procedures or home to make a moisturizing mask for your hair.
  1. Malnutrition (particularly do not take vitamins for hair growth);
  2. poor care (hair pulling a rubber band, combing wet curls, part painting);
  3. rare visits hair salons and home haircuts;
  4. Hypothermia scalp and hair in general.
  5. insufficient oxygen.

Egg and henna to moisturize dry hair

What are moisturizing mask for oily hair

  1. oily and combination hair need special care, they can not handle the oily materials - it will lead to very rapid contamination.We will curdled , conventional, purchased in the market or in the shop.Just warm up it to heat until 37-38 ⁰, and even
    ly distribute with a comb through his hair, stand a half an hour and wash off with warm water.
  2. for colored hair -enhanced fat, will be very useful mask with glycerin .Although oil ingredients: castor oil, this method is very good at helping.It is necessary to mix one part glycerol part vinegar, add a few, to bring uniformity to the hair and put on a solid middle layer.It takes half an hour - wash off with shampoo.
  3. strengthens and moisturizing mask, and preparations for the hair made of rye bread .Due to the high content of nutrients curls feed intensively, accelerating their growth.We need a couple of pieces of soaked bread, a teaspoon of vinegar, a tablespoon of nonfat yogurt, a couple of cloves of garlic or onion and broth of any grass, which heals the body (can be purchased at the pharmacy collection company names are very well known).Mix gently and lay down, covering bags, envelops the towel, waiting for 30-40 minutes.Further, all we wash off with shampoo.
  4. For fluffy dried hair effective option would be to mask olivnovym oil .You can apply this wonderful tool in a pure form on the head, you can wash the head with it, and do so regularly.The result will appear in the near future.
  5. Moist hair girl nourishing and moisturizing compounds are essential hair that exposed to chemical attack - is the salvation for bleached locks.It takes yogurt , any, preferably natural, one chicken egg .Mix with a mixer to form a foam, and the solution was applied on the brush, and then how to paint their hair.Wait until absorbed (20-30 minutes), rinse with warm water without purifiers.It is also possible and strengthen the hair before dyeing procedures.
  6. for blond hair or do not know how to lighten up, would be a godsend mask of parsley , it will emphasize the natural color and give the effect of volume.A bunch of parsley finely chop and boil on low heat, liquid Let cool and mix with 100 grams of 2 spoons of castor oil and a vodka.Effective if the solution is used daily.
  7. hardest pick care for very damaged and over-dried strands .There must be either very intensive treatment and professional products.Brunettes can try every day to wet curls in black tea and rum .Also, use a moisturizing hair mask based vitamin complexes (best - C, E, B1, B6, A), ampoules can be purchased at any pharmacy.Rose water brand L'Oreal mixed with one ampoule of vitamin C and citrus wash liquid hair.Suitable for use in a day.
  8. at home to create effective tools to help when bleached hair , can be of mummy .It is a versatile assistant in the fight against obesity, the extermination of extensions and fixing results in breathing exercises.One part of the mummy mix with your favorite balm spoon any cosmetic oil and rub into the roots, and then distributed over the length, is particularly useful for very dry pryadok.We hold 40 minutes, wash off with water.

moisturizing mask and hair lamination

Moist hair This in itself is a great way to increase the amount of hair and curls to give strength and shine.Visually thick strands look great, hair looks neat and well-groomed.But do not forget about the folk remedies of moisture, which, incidentally, much cheaper this procedure.

moisturizing hair mask: dignity

  1. Ingredients for a moisturizing hair mask hair well-groomed and shiny.
  2. no split ends.
  3. Apparent volume.
  4. Vitamins great influence on the state of the organism as a whole.
  5. Walking in the fresh air is good for the general state of the figure and the mood.