Laser resurfacing of skin: the appointment and contraindications

Laser resurfacing of the face Photo - Face laser resurfacing

The principle of laser resurfacing and indications

Facial laser resurfacing procedure Photo - face laser resurfacing procedure
  1. Acne, if you want to remove black dots;
  2. Scars;
  3. deep wrinkles on the forehead;
  4. striae, venous reticulum, ingrown hairs.

Price question

City Laser resurfacing price (face, body) Note
Moscow From 60 000 rub. In Moscow, this procedure is common, it is carried out on the machine Elos.
Minsk From 40 000 rub. Laser resurfacing in Minsk is not much different from the price of ultrasonic peeling, but the latter is less effective.
St. Petersburg From 50 000 rub. Prices in St. Petersburg a little nicer than in the capital.
Kiev From 50 000 rub. Kiev - the capital of Ukraine, where laser resurfacing is quite popular, there are plenty of clinics and centers.
Astana From 40 000 rub. relatively inexpensive.
Togliatti from 36 000 rub. It all depends on the choice of the clinic.
Yekaterinburg From 30 000 rub. price is pretty nice
Novosibirsk From 30 000 rub. acting a little plastic surgery centers, but the cost is quite reasonable for this procedure.
Samara From 30 000 rub. Clinic Samara work by appointment, most of them free initial consultation.
Rostov From 30 000 rub. Rostov cheap and cheerful, a huge selection of clinics, salons and medical centers.
Saratov From 30 000 rub. are discounts, discount cards.
Voronezh from 32 000 rub. Voronezh runs many centers that offer discounts on treatments laser resurfacing of the face.
Ufa From 30 000 rub. in Ufa available.
Krasnodar From 30 000 rub. In Krasnodar have to pay for advice from a doctor.
Kharkiv From 30 000 rub. In Kharkov is the most popular in Ukraine center of plastic surgery, come here almost the whole country.
Odessa From 35 000 rub. In Odessa, this technique is no longer a novelty, and hence lower cost.
Dnepropetrovsk From 25 000 rub. Probably, in Dnepropetrovsk the most pleasant face laser resurfacing price in Ukraine.

bit of theory and warnings

  1. should be prepared for the fact that the crust is formed on the skin, which will be held a month (some a couple of weeks);
  2. deep scars require multiple single approach, even if the "best unit", even if "in our clinic all done at once";
  3. It does not hurt, but quite unpleasant, although everyone has a pain threshold;
  4. adding to the previous item, the polishing is carried out without anesthesia;
  5. Improper care can carry infection.
Laser resurfacing of the face: photos before and after Photo - laser resurfacing of the face: photos before and after
  1. inflammation of the skin;
  2. Itch;
  3. Redness of the dermis;
  4. excessive pigmentation of the skin;
  5. when using poor-quality device can remain scars;
  6. swelling of the face or body parts, which produces grinding.
  1. Pregnancy;
  2. Breastfeeding;
  3. Fungal diseases of the skin;
  4. Any chronic diseases in exacerbation;
  5. Diabetes.
Laser resurfacing of the face before and after Photo - Face laser resurfacing before and after