Tips for growing a beautiful bangs

Brunette with bangs Some time ago it was believed that the fringe is an attribute obsolete, archaic style.Now, however, this element returns hairstyles in vogue - it is recommended to use many professional stylists and fashion designers.However, the fringe - is not only beauty, but also a host of related problems, primarily with the hair growing a desired length.If you want to learn how to quickly grow a bang, you should use simple recommendations.

Terms haircuts

Despite the apparent lack of problems, hair bangs are at a very high burden of both permanent swipe their hands, and with the influence of sweat.As a result, they quickly become posechennye tips that do not allow to grow to the desired length bangs.

to grow hair very quickly, they should be cut about every 4-6 weeks.

hairstyle too often slow to achieve the desired effect, and rare adverse impact on the health of hair.

Haircut-cropped bangs at home is not desirable, because without the proper skills, you can cause damage to the hair once.The ideal option woul

d be to appeal to the professional hairdresser or beauty salon.The advantage of this method bangs hairstyle will be able to use expert advice.It will select optimal hair care program aimed at their rapid growth.

In addition, during the otraschivaniya bangs should not use hair curlers, curling irons, ironing, and other tools that provide a thermal effect on the hair.It is also very harmful for them perm - when using it better not even think about creating beautiful hairstyles shortly.

Experts recommend renounce the use of ammonia paint, opens the pores of hair because after its application is lost most of the nutrients.If you want to change the color, better to use alternative services - toning.

Metal comb hair better to abandon the comb with metal teeth - when you use them carelessly damage the scalp, causing microtrauma.Despite its small size, such injuries are very dangerous for the hair - they can be the cause of their loss or breakage.

When growing a bang it is not recommended to use rubber bands, because they compress the hair, making it difficult to transport nutrients. Finally, the health of hair require to abandon lacquers, foams and mousses designed to fix.They should be replaced with natural oils - although they do not provide an equally impressive effect, your bangs will grow several times faster.


growing a bang would require the adoption of a specific regime you care - in particular, will have to forget about the everyday shampoo.The best option - use shampoo every 2-3 days, and in between you can take the easy refreshing shower.After will bang desired length, it can be washed every day apart from all head to cope with pollution caused by sweat and oily skin.

Of course, the best method of rapidly increasing the length of the hair is to use professional care in a beauty salon.However, many treatments are available in the home.

Bang requires enhanced nutrition and hydration - you can not neglect air conditioning, nourishing balms, special masks and other cosmetics.

Apply after washing should be in hot water when they opened the pores and receptivity to nutrients is at the maximum level.

If the hair, despite the measures taken, are dry and brittle, it is necessary to pre-treat the scalp peels and scrubs - this measure will improve access to the hair follicles.When it comes to choosing cosmetics should prefer those that contain vitamins, amino acids and minerals beneficial to the hair.In addition to the accelerated growth of bangs you get a nice bonus in the form of easy combing and styling.


To learn how to quickly grow a bang when painful brittle hair and lack of proper nutrients, you should take advantage of some procedures.In particular, it is well to massage, which stimulates the hair follicles and promotes rapid hair growth.It is best to apply for such a service to a specialist, but you can do everything you need and at home - for that you need to make the fingertips to the head at a distance of 1-2 cm from the edge of the hair and make circular movements.

In addition, you can use the recipes of traditional medicine intended for otraschivaniya hair.They are absolutely safe, so they can be used in combination with cosmetics and other methods of lengthening bangs.

The best option would be to use the following means:

  1. She put a mask on your hair worn out two tablespoons of crushed walnut leaves in two cups of boiling water.After 20-30 minutes to moisten the roots of the hair and rub all over the head.Be prepared for the fact that blonde hair color in a darker shade.
  2. In a similar proportion of steamed crushed leaves of burdock.After 40 minutes rubbed into the scalp.After that you need to cover your head warm scarf and do not remove it for another 40 minutes.
  3. tablespoon of elderberry steamed in a cup of boiling water.During the day, drink a tablespoon every 2-3 hours.

At home, you can also use the pharmacy medicated shampoos with active silver ions, various herbal remedies and amino acids.However, before you buy you should definitely familiarize yourself with the composition, cautions and possible consequences of the application.If the problem with the hair can not be solved by any means, it is necessary to consult a doctor-trihologu.