Protects tattoos mascots

The girl with a tattoo on her back Very often you can find a tattoo charms, the value of which does not involve anything important, or on sketches by contemporary artists. But like in the old worn under the drawings were used as the most powerful charms to avoid action sets the ills and troubles.Their distinguishing feature is the use of special symbols - such are Slavic or Celtic runes or other writings of forgotten languages.

But do not rush to go to the master and to show him a photo with the most beautiful, in your opinion, the pattern - tattoo charms have a very strong impact on a person's life that is not always possible to remove by removing the figure.First is to determine the exact value of each tattoo, and relate it to your own needs and desires.

Runes ancient Slavs

In recent years, increasingly began to see photos, which show the Slavic runes are used as a tattoo.But people do not always realize how important are certain symbols, but applied them to his body, trying to emphasize the connection with the ancient culture

or following the fashion.

tattoos, amulets used without careful selection, can bring some people severe trouble.

Most popular symbolism refers to the 18 basic runes - like charms are found, as well as being supported on a variety of amulets, ancient monuments and places of sacrifice.Consider these tattoos can be in the photo below, but their meaning is described very detailed.

name rune value Image
World Tattoo amulet symbolizing the beginning of a new life, healing, recovery from serious illnesses.These figures do if you wish to continue their family.In addition, these tattoos are used by doctors, midwives and folk healers. Rune World
Chernobog symbol of death - was widespread among the Slavic soldiers, as well as people who want to completely change your life.It was believed that everything old they "died." Rune Chernobog
Alatyr Tattoo, which displays the status of priest.He accepts it received a divine power and the obligation to live their entire lives in fear of the curse of righteousness. Rune Alatyr
Rainbow PROTECTING These signs say that man does not belong to evil, no good, and teetering on the brink of restoring justice in the world.Suitable employees of the judiciary and law enforcement agencies. Fleece Rainbow
Need Ward-tattoo of this type suggests submissive acceptance of fate.He will not get the support of a large evil in life, but more good as expected. Rune of Need
Krada You can see many of these amulets pictured talented people - they attract recognition and popularity in society. Rune Krada
Treba Tatu often belongs to repentant sinners or black sorcerer, who decided to give up his magical powers to restore the soul. Rune Treba
Strength When a similar Slavic characters can be sure that your partner is healthy mentally.In addition, these charms are not allow to impose on him a love spell. Rune of Strength
Wind Tattoo represent the pursuit of knowledge and wisdom.They are wearing their best trained and well performing complex intellectual work. Rune of Wind
Bereginya most common tattoo Charm among women, which means marital happiness and the ability to raise a healthy intelligent child. Rune Keeper
Houde value tattoos - virility, sexual stamina, the ability to receive physical pleasure. Rune Houde
Lel PROTECTING These signs occur less often.They symbolize the urge to travel, the ability to quickly change the place and not to become attached to things, people and cities. Rune Lelia
Rock Charm tattoo applied to the hands of fighters who are able to control your fear. Rune Rock
Prop wards often do members of large families themselves - the people themselves, and at their surroundings receive protection against all adversity. Rune Support
Dazhdbog symbol of fertility - in the Slavic tribes like the tattoo done themselves men who work on the ground, as well as women who wish to have numerous offspring. Rune Dzhadbog
Perun protection adepts of black magic and spells, as well as the ministers of darkness, evil spirits and other supernatural. Rune Perun
There tattoos, amulets of this kind was done by people who are often maimed, injured, war wounds - they helped them to quickly restore health. There Fleece
Source symbol of inner peace and balance - allows you to quickly clean your mind through meditation and prayer, which is especially important during the occupation of magic. Rune Source

Tattoo dual power

Sometimes charms complemented signs, reinforcing them - but this combination was considered a privilege worthy of a man with only a righteous life.

most often accompanied by a guardian, tattoo pattern Perunova thunder circle - six-pointed swastika.If you argue with this person is a liar, then it hit wrath of the gods.

The tattoo on his shoulder ladinets Eight-called swastika ladinets - it has been used by women who want to be obedient in everything to her husband.However, the significance of such amulets, and includes the ability to manage the whole family - even behind the scenes, in secret.

Besides, the tattoo was applied and Charm in the shape of a flower, fern, which allowed scare of human disease.She is credited, and the purity of the spirit, which is necessary to carry out many of the rituals - it was thought that people with a similar tattoo just could not commit evil acts under pain of death or excruciatingly painful ailment.