System brain disease: diagnosis, treatment, advice

She closed her eyes for a headache Any disease of the brain is very dangerous for humans, because it is a threat of disability and even death.If we talk about such a serious condition as encephalopathy grade 2, doctors usually give an unfavorable prognosis.With further development it occur symptoms such as decreased intelligence, loss of control over human behavior, as well as epileptic seizures types.

completely get rid of the disease is not possible, however, in a timely manner prescribed treatment can eliminate its dangerous manifestations, prevent progression and restore the normal functioning of the person.


  • Causes of
  • Diagnostics
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  • methods support the body

Causes of

Atherosclerotic encephalopathy brain Discirculatory encephalopathy never arises independently - it is a complication of other diseases.Doctors say that disabled person is also a consequence initially developing syndromes, not such a state of health.The most commonly manifested atherosclerotic encephalopathy, which is long enough for the gradual deterioration of the pa

tient's health even against the background of intensive treatment.

Often go encephalopathy and symptoms of hypertension - in this case, doctors usually give a positive outlook with the possibility of a significant improvement in health status if the treatment was scheduled in a timely manner.If the person is observed combination of arteriosclerosis and hypertension, it leads to vascular encephalopathy with a probability of 90%.In this case we speak of mixed origin of the disease - its diagnosis and treatment is usually difficult.

In addition to these diseases, encephalopathy can develop:

  • systemic changes of connective tissue;
  • severe blood diseases;
  • vasculitis (inflammation of blood vessels);
  • venous stasis of blood in the brain;
  • dystonia;
  • hemodynamic disturbances.

Regardless of the genesis of vascular encephalopathy, it appears the same.These diseases are the cause of cerebral anoxia, followed by destruction of its cells and lesions.There are severe irreversible symptoms that prompt a person to see a doctor.It is clear that to get rid of such a state folk remedies will not work - the patient requires immediate skilled help.


If to speak about the second stage of the disease, the diagnosis of a person will not be difficult.

Very often the symptoms can literally read a person's face, revealing its asymmetry caused partial paralysis of the muscles.

Often natural human reflexes fade, and are replaced by abnormal, such as photophobia or twitching limbs.At the second stage of the development of the deep vascular encephalopathy limbs may be partially or completely paralyzed.

's disease complicated genesis remission may occur, characterized by reduction of mobility - this causes the unique combination of the processes occurring in the blood vessels of the human head.

The girl sitting on a bed holding his head disability can be caused by ischemic attacks, which are characterized by temporary immobilization, loss of coordination for a few hours, confusion or lack of awareness.Despite the fact that these attacks are transient, ie incoming, recurrent symptoms often can cause complete destruction of a specific region of the brain.

very great importance fundus examination, which allows you to see the characteristic encephalopathy veins and simultaneous narrowing of the arteries.

to prescribe treatment, doctors send patients with presumptive dyscirculatory encephalopathy comprehensive examination.The main method of diagnosis is computed tomography (CT), which are clearly visible areas of pathological changes in the body of a white cord.These pockets of reduced density in the second step the tissue are usually grouped around ventricle and large grooves body.

Another way to find the symptoms of vascular encephalopathy - a specific study, which is called rheoencephalography .In its results very clearly seen pathological changes that repeat clinical atherosclerosis and hypertension.

Flasks with blood tests treatment can also be appointed after a comprehensive analysis of the blood.When vascular encephalopathy it is revealed thickening observed aggregation (clots) of red blood cells and platelets.According to the results of biochemical studies can be seen reduction in the number of high density lipids and increasing of low and very low density.

If the doctor sees all the signs of vascular encephalopathy, it must take urgent measures to prevent the patient's disability.


Symptoms of vascular encephalopathy may not be so obvious.Approximately half of the people transient ischemic attacks occur only when the deep development of the second stage.

In such cases, the disease can be mistaken for chronic fatigue because it is expressed as:

  • headaches;
  • noise in my head;
  • insomnia;
  • severe dizziness;
  • irritability;
  • depressive states.

However, its distinctive feature is the decline in the quality of non-specific memory.Unlike conventional sclerosis, a man retains all the expertise and can carry out their work without any problems, but becomes incredibly distracted at home.

methods support the body

The doctor examines the images of the brain have already mentioned that the full healing of a person in this state is impossible.However, treatment can stop the irreversible processes and to extend the period of normal life in the months and years ahead.Folk remedies do not work, because the most important thing to eliminate hypertension.Treatments should choose a doctor who will prescribe drugs to control blood pressure, blockers and diuretics.

patient dyscirculatory encephalopathy forbidden to take alcohol, smoking, exercise and physical activity be substantial in order to prevent ischemic attack.

To correct blood lipid profile is assigned a number of drugs that control the production of enzymes and bile acids.Most often, doctors prescribe statins in the vascular encephalopathy, which helps normalize the metabolism.If there is a risk of complete stenosis (closure) of vessels indicated surgery.

can not forget about the blood supply to the brain.There are also folk remedies can not be treated as the doses of drugs should be closely monitored by a qualified technician.Such a state as encephalopathy, is eliminated by antihypoxants - often in the role of this drug acts glutamic acid.

very important early treatment nootropami - these drugs can postpone the onset of symptoms of mental and memory loss.

However, disability is an inevitable consequence of vascular encephalopathy.As a rule, the first two stages last 5 years without treatment or 10-15 years old with professional care to the patient.The third stage always takes about 4-5 years as the only treatment capable of reducing the severity of symptoms.The end result is a complete dementia, followed by an early death, caused by the destruction of the vital parts of the human brain.

The sign for the disabled the second stage, vascular encephalopathy patients are prohibited from engaging physically hard work, and perform processes that require good coordination and quick decision-making.Moreover, they can not work at high temperature or at elevated pressure.For patients assigned a special operating mode with rest every 30-40 minutes, which prevents loss of coordination.At the third stage of the disease a person appointed by the disability, because it becomes completely incapacitated.