Smart and comfortable sanitary toilet

WC with bidet If you prefer to use modern sanitary fittings, including a bidet, you will certainly be interested in the opportunity to maximize space saving in a small bathroom.For this purpose we use a universal combined unit, which is constructed on the basis of another type of plumbing, indispensable in a modern home.

Such is the toilet with bidet function, which can be produced by many famous international brands - Roca, Vitra, Ideal Standart.By setting a toilet, you not only increase their level of comfort and simplifies hygiene, but also save a large amount of free space, which is particularly relevant for combined bathrooms prefabricated houses.


  • Operating principle
  • Useful features
  • principle of selection
  • Alternative

Operating principle

In the classic form of a toilet with bidet functions is a common plumbing fixture, apparently differing only slightly elongatedcup, increased tank, as well as the presence of a special control system.However, the main difference in most of the time

hidden from the human eye - by pressing a special button activated retractable tube lifter, which also includes a water supply system and dispenser-like shower head.

for its use electric extension that allows you to use the bidet function as light, as well as not to complicate the toilet additional cumbersome mechanisms.If you look at the specialized video, you will be able to note that often these models differ in plumbing and the presence of many additional control buttons - should be considered for what they are.

Useful features

For example, the Spanish firm Roca products or Turkish Vitra mostly equipped with the ability to control heating , which significantly increases user comfort toilet having a bidet function.Agree to take hygiene, using cold water, not very nice, especially in the winter - in order to avoid the need to use a special heater, which hides the total tank cover.

The control system of water heating In the photo you can see that the toilets can be advanced quickly enough to change the desired water temperature with the help of a few buttons, easy to operate - this is particularly true for a large family.In addition, the same firm Roca offers models with bidet functions that allow us to adjust the strength of the jet or spray and switch between pulse mode water supply.

Some toilets are also equipped with drying function , which is used immediately after cleaning the - it includes a small tube through which warm air is supplied, allowing to eliminate the need for toilet paper.

Company Roca, Geberit, Vitra in the most expensive products also implemented a system automatically detect the presence of human , which also uses electric lifter.

On some video you can see the process of its work, which includes the automatic lifting of the lid when it detects a person in the vicinity with the help of the infrared sensor, as well as closing and disinfecting the toilet after he left.This handy feature not only equipped with shower toilet large sizes, but also classified as CD or having the suspension arrangement.

opportunities in low-end models use microlift not provided - this concerns not only the management system, which is equipped with a cover, but also the water supply device.In this case, a sliding tube replaces the special nozzle, which can carry the name bidetka.

Bidet without lifter This solution is typically used in the CD category, as well as the cheapest products little-known firms.Even the simplest picture is already clear that the model has a lot of inconvenience - in particular, the need to take an unnatural position in order to use the feature bidets and often carry out cleaning of the nozzles, using disinfectants.

There are very different toilets with bidet functions, with very high costs due to the presence of a number of additional advantages.

firm Roca offers a compact model, equipped with the possibility of programmable pendulum action sprayer with the ability to use memory.

on specialized video you can see that, sitting on the toilet, the person presses the button, causing its program - it determines how far will put forward the handset bidets, and its rate of return of motion, strength, spraying water and the need for a drying function.

Tube bidet Such a system is shown in the photo, but it is not mounted in the product manufacturing Roca, and compact model of Geberit, which is also equipped with two water spray nozzles for fine-tuning operation.

functions may also include:

  • backlight;
  • stabilize the jet of water;
  • auto electrical disinfection.

principle of selection

If you're determined to buy toilet with bidet function, all you have to choose the model that satisfies your needs and consistent financial opportunities.

Compact plumbing should start with size - major modification will occupy a lot of space and interfere with harvesting, however, provide a more comfortable fit and ease of installation.If your bathroom is no different large size, you will be much better to choose a toilet "CD", which is produced by most well-known companies, including Roca and Geberit.In the photo you can see that such models can be placed even in a very confined space without constraining human movement - while at the expensive toilet can be used to cover lifter, which increases the convenience.

is also necessary to identify and form factor, which will have a combined toilet-bidet.

products related to the category of the CD, usually available in the form of a suspension, or even have a built-in layout.

Hanging toilet hanging toilet with bidet function is set on special rails mounted on the wall, and has no legs, connecting it to the floor.Built-in did not even have a single tank - it replaces the bulk container, which is mounted inside a special wall panel.Select hanging hygiene tool is that if you want to save time on cleaning in the bathroom and ensure the highest possible purity.

sure to pay attention to the heating system - without a model equipped with a bidet function, likely will bring you a lot of discomfort during the cold season.

In addition, an interest and power consumption of power - some models made by Roca, may be able to rapid heating, which is provided through the use of thermal element capacity up to 2 kW.Such a bidet, even made in the form of a "CD", require a separate connection to the supply panel, as well as the presence of special means of protection, excluding current leakage.

Plumbing shop Preferably before going to the store to study video touting a particular toilet - this will help you to determine in advance whether you will use every feature expensive, or should look for cheaper models.


it always makes sense to purchase an expensive device that has a possibility of using a bidet, or you can find him a worthy replacement?

WC with hygiene shower known manufacturer of sanitary ware Roca suggests using alternative budget, which represented a hygienic shower, unrelated to the toilet itself and not equipped with an electric drive.In this case, the cover or the top of a tank equipped with a special holder, which is installed on the shower head is connected by a hose to a centralized water supply system.

It is not equipped with automatic control, and you must manually use the shower - but this option can save you a lot of time, not allowing the use of conventional shower after every visit to the toilet.

In addition, a viable alternative that not only offer Roca and Geberit, but also many cheaper brands, is a cover that contains the water supply unit.

Bidet in the lid of the toilet In the photo you can see that it has all the same features and buttons as an advanced modification of the plumbing.The only disadvantage is called a low reliability, which has a lid compared with monolithic device includes an electronic control.Such a device can be installed not only in full-sized toilets, but also on the CD species - including having pendant arrangement.

If you need such a cover, then make sure that it has the appropriate electrical parameters, and also includes a small reserve tank, which will provide a stable supply of pre-heated water.In addition, the most expensive models can be equipped with a function of the pendulum action similar to a full toilet.This cover, especially with the ability to store the settings in memory, will cost quite expensive, even for a compact model.