Drying clothes - a trick!

Dryer Imagine an ordinary washing process - even if you have a machine, will be faced with significant troubles that will be associated with the need drying.You have to hang a lot of things - well, if you have a full-size balcony, because otherwise can only make things in the yard, leaving them unattended.

wants to significantly simplify the procedure, and you now have the opportunity to do this with a laundry dryer.This unit is relatively inexpensive, but is able to save a lot of time, effort and your nerves.


  • Operating principle
    • Dryers shaped drums
    • drying cabinet
  • Key Features
  • Additional features

Operating principle

All machines of this type, intendeddryer, operate on the principle of heating the fabric for the purpose of removing excess moisture.

Ironing is found that the moisture content of the laundry after washing is approximately 50%, while the optimum ironing index is 5%.It would seem, nothing complicated, and laundry dryer may not have any significant features.

However, the market offers two types of units that have a different appearance, as well as the different capacity and the presence of movement of the working area.Each of them should be selected for specific conditions, since their functionality is significantly different.

Dryers shaped drums

Tumble dryers This technique is most widespread, vaguely reminiscent of home washing machine.Their operating principle involves heating with simultaneous turning of the laundry necessary for effective extraction.This allows you to significantly speed up the drying process, but they are not recommended to put delicate things created from wool, cashmere, silk and other fibers with similar physical properties.

most modern machines have a delicate cycle, but manufacturers still do not provide an absolute guarantee that your stuff will keep the original appearance after drying in a rapidly rotating drum.The only exceptions are models with switchable rotary motion, but their efficiency is very low, and they are designed for simultaneous drying of 1-2 garments.

Select such modifications is that, if you frequently produce washing cotton, synthetic, as well as linen and other resistant to the effects of the spin fabrics.

Sweaters on the rack If your wardrobe a lot of sweaters, cashmere coats and other expensive products, the dryer, organized on the principle of heating the drum, you will not do.In this case it is better to turn its attention to alternative or use the services of dry cleaning.

drying cabinet

more suitable for delicate fabrics is an option of a large oven that does not allow movement of the working area.That such units used by professional laundries, hotels, as well as the aforementioned dry cleaners.

clothing intended for drying hung on special supports or grid is laid horizontally on the shelves, while the machine blows it with hot air from the plurality of special nozzles located not only within but also in the ceiling, floor and doors.

Drying cabinet This option is good for a large amount of laundry - if the drum can only load the entire volume of the washing device, here instead of a few sweaters, jackets and coats, washed by hand.Furthermore, since the drying chamber is not moving, there is no deformation, and hence it is possible to handle even very delicate articles, easily loses its shape during pressing.

Such machines can be chosen only in case you have to handle a lot of sensitive things, but when you can afford to spend a lot of time to dry.

If the reels produce a completely getting rid of excess moisture from the laundry for 40-80 minutes, the ovens spend on the same procedure about 2-2.5 hours.The main disadvantage of larger models with a static work area can be regarded as their price - it is designed for professional rather than domestic use.That is why in electronics stores in 90% of cases presented with drum machines.

Major producers are:

  • Bosch;
  • Miele;
  • Hotpoint-Ariston;
  • Samsung;
  • LG;
  • Siemens;
  • Electrolux.

Key Features

Machine Features As with other home appliances, the first thing to look for when buying - the nominal power, which can also be called efficient.For a home dryer enough 1.5-2 kW, which is about 1-1.5 hours of operation under normal load.

Some manufacturers offer professional and semi-professional machine, whose capacity reaches 4 kW - they allow you to work with greater speed and load.However, you should carefully check whether your stand the wiring and switchgear electrical system is the simultaneous consumption.

Experts advise to pay attention to the principle of action, which have a drying device household type.The simplest are suction units, which use a fan to discharge the moist air and its discharge into the environment.Their disadvantage is the need for a mandatory connection to the ventilation system of the building or to the pipe outer terminal.

Condensation drying machines However, such machines are outdated and frankly for a long time not enforced - if you offer a similar model in the store, do not agree, because the seller probably want to get rid of the stale goods.It is better to choose a modification of condensation, in which moisture is deposited on a special heat exchanger and discharged into the sewer or a special retention tank - they are a bit slower, but does not require a connection to ventilation and consume less power.

Another very important characteristic, which have units for drying clothes - the maximum load is measured not only weight, but also volume, which can fit into the working area.

standard reel models usually have parameters similar to washing machines of the middle class - about 100 liters internal volume, and a maximum capacity of 5 kg.However, there are laundry dryer having a compact size - narrow or shallow depth.The capacity of such modifications - 50-60 liters, and the allowed weight - about 3 kg.Select them is to be installed in a compact room - for example, in the kitchen or in combination bathroom panel house.

Drum of carborane speak volumes about who possess ovens, useless - each machine has a unique index, which depends on its purpose and external dimensions.It is better to mention the material of which the drum is made of domestic units - standard stainless steel, not further processed, is about 5-6 years.

If you are interested in the device for drying clothes designed for a longer operation, you should select a modification based on carborane - a composite material that is resistant to moisture, high temperatures and high loads.

great interest is the presence of the blades in the drum, which can effectively "stir" underwear, preventing it from knocking into a dense clump.Dryers for clothes with larger blades, save you time, allowing you to work less iron by reducing the number of creases and folds.

Child near the dryer In addition, for this purpose, the function also provides the reverse motion of the motor.The rotation of the drum on both sides shared some things, helping to reduce the complexity of ironing and reducing the time it takes to complete drying.

only negative reverse - the creation of alternating loads of considerable strength, which will destroy the drive unit.

Additional features

Enabled anti-irons addition to the above features, ironing relief may contribute to the function "Anti-iron."It involves the use of cold air during a sufficiently rapid rotation of the drum, which makes the dryer.This solution helps to significantly reduce the number of folds and creases in the clothes, and quickly spreads all folds the laundry, thereby reducing the complexity of ironing.

This feature increases the cost of the unit, but it is very useful in the absence of the big time you can devote to domestic procedures.

also need to ensure that there is a filter that allows you to collect lint, pet dander and hair.Select is a model with replaceable filters that will remove contaminants remaining on the garments after washing.Dryer without the filter in a year of operation require a professional service, which will cost you quite a large amount.There are also versions with a maintenance-free filter, but they have a similar drawback - professional service will need 2-3 years, but the cost will be less.

Carefully review what control method uses a particular unit for drying clothes.Electronic controllers much easier, however, they require very stable voltage supply, without which they can be switched off, not even allowing the device to run.

Mechanical dryer Mechanical control would require careful study guide, which has a dryer, but it has less chance of failure and a much higher resistance to electrical surges network performance.Availability display helps quickly understand in which mode is being used, as well as understand how long the cycle will end.

Another handy feature in the dryer - the presence of illumination of the drum, which allows time to see the deformation of clothing, while she has not gone too far, and stop the operation.