Using a quartz lamp at home

Quartz Lamp Housing If you've ever been to the hospitals, you may notice that the sterilizing them using special quartz lamps, creating a hard ultraviolet radiation.

Due to the characteristics of the emitted rays are effective in killing most bacteria, and promote healing of certain diseases.In addition, these light sources can be used for sunbathing in the winter season - subject to proper precautions, you can get a very beautiful color, is not inferior to that in the rest of the sea.

good quartz lamp for home use will help you to make their homes more comfortable and safe place.


quartz lamp capable of destroying most bacteria that reside within your home and wait for the weakening of immunity of its residents.The operating principle of the device is very simple - it emits a harsh rays, similar to those that produces the sun.For harmful organisms, they are destructive - so the home is a good quartz lamp can replace the effect of natural light in some rooms, where there is a lack of it, or upon the oc

currence of the cold season.

Include the device is recommended when you came home carrier of infection - it will greatly reduce the likelihood of further spread.

Depending on what goals you pursue, you can select different types of bulbs:

  1. Lamp open type Outdoor unit able to more effectively destroy pathogens in different areas of the house, but the man is not worth a long time to be inwithin reach of its emission.Select such quartz lamps is only when you are going to hold a powerful disinfection at regular intervals.
  2. Lamp gated But at home a viable option are devices gated - the impact of their work is somewhat less, but they do not cause any harm to a large living organisms.In addition to the permanent decontamination, they are also able to repel insects, bringing many benefits to this - however, experts say that the lamp include gated better for 2-3 hours a day, without abusing its influence.
  3. Portable quartz lamp In addition, can be used for disinfection and special portable quartz lamps - they can be used to carry out disinfection of not only visible, but also the hidden surfaces.Choose a model is in the case when one of your pet is suffering from a severe infectious disease - treatment of the entire room will speed up his recovery and reduce the chance of infection of all other family members.Portable device gated allows use in any position for optimal processing of a portion of the house.

To combat pathogens is better to buy a relatively strong modification of the lamp, which will allow to achieve high performance indicators.


Home quartz lamp will ensure not only the decontamination or tanning, but also healing some diseases.In particular, it can help treat many diseases of the joints associated with arthritis or rheumatism manifestations.

Girl in protective goggles If you are going to take the procedure at home, then you need to be concerned about the safety of other parts of the body that should not be exposed.Eyes should choose good sunglasses with the obligatory presence of UV protection.The skin in the vicinity of the light exposure necessary to cover a slightly dampened cloth.

quartz lamps for home use is directed to the affected joint, and stays on for 30-50 seconds.Each day it is necessary to increase exposure time of 20-30 seconds, when there is no unpleasant effects in the form of strong irritation or occurrence of dark spots on the skin.Procedures of this kind should be carried out not more than five days, followed by a two-week break.

During treatment, it is best to stay at home and not to be subjected to additional ultraviolet radiation of the bright sun, as this may lead to problems with the skin - up to oncology.

quartz lamp also can eliminate minor cosmetic defects - under strictly dosed irradiation can remove most of freckles, age spots and large eels.However, all operations on the face is best done only in the presence of a doctor or a qualified beautician - such a measure would eliminate the occurrence of unintended damage to the skin and the appearance of specific diseases.

Early baldness ultraviolet irradiation may be useful in early baldness - its effect allows several times to reduce the rate of hair loss.Lamps for medical use must have a relatively small capacity - otherwise you can get more harm than good.

Cosmetic use

Sometimes quartz lamps are used to achieve beautiful and even tan, replacing them with the help of a solarium.However, you must remember a few simple rules:

  • the maximum duration of exposure should not exceed 30 seconds per day;
  • when a strong reddening to interrupt the adoption proceedings;
  • can only use the lamp after 5 minutes after its incorporation.
In order to avoid the appearance of sun spots, home is best to use special portable lamps that can be sent in any plane.

low duration of one session lead to the need for exposure of the body for 10-15 days for the emergence of a stable skin pigmentation over a large area of ​​its surface.

Cotton pads on the eyes If you are sunbathing by a quartz lamp at home, be sure to take care of protection for the eyes.This is undesirable to use sunglasses - they are imprinted on your face white spots, which will not be seen sunbathing.The ideal option would be to use a slightly moistened cotton swab or tissue assets of a similar type.Furthermore, you can use special cosmetic wheels that have small dimensions and good density.

quality quartz lamps for home use to minimize their impact on the skin, but it is best to ensure the proper care of its surface.

With regular exposure, which is carried out at home, around the eyes may be new wrinkles, which is the cause of excessive draining.This can be avoided in the case if you use special nourishing and protective creams similar to those used under the influence of solar natural tan.