Growing avocados at home (photos, video)

Half an avocado with bone Avocados are valued everywhere because of their excellent taste and nutritional properties.But not everyone knows that the plant itself also has a value.The sapling is able to decorate any interior, harmoniously fit into the space.Cultivation of such plants - is a simple and very interesting to do, as a result of which it is possible to obtain a sufficiently high tree, characterized by rapid growth.To learn how to grow an avocado from bones, enough to get acquainted with experienced gardeners simple guidelines.There are several methods by which you can achieve the germination of seeds.If this process is successful, the further cultivation of ornamental trees not be easy.


  • What is the avocado tree?
  • How to germinate bone?
  • process of landing pits
  • Terms avocado care
    • Humidity Temperature
    • Crop
    • transplant

What is the avocado tree?

in an apartment hardly be able to grow too large plant.In areas of avocado grows up to two meters in height.But on the open ground in the wild tre

e reaches eighteen meters.

Avocado tree plants have beautiful, thick bright green leaves quite a large size.The leaves are oval in shape with a slightly pointed tip.The avocado is an evergreen plant.For this reason, it has been recognized many connoisseurs of decorative flora.

usually plant has long exposed at the bottom of the barrel.Improper care of a tree can release only 3 - 5 leaves of medium size, and then stop growing.Avocado pleasantly surprised wide spreading crown, foliage and an abundance of high growth almost to the ceiling, if you provide the apartment the following conditions:

  • humidity;
  • optimum temperature;
  • acceptable mode of illumination.

sapling has many desirable qualities.One of them is the ability to clean the air in the apartment, saturating it with oxygen.Other houseplants also perform this function, but avocado in comparison even with hibiscus, widely known for its ability to produce oxygen, creates a favorable microclimate is much more effective.Particularly relevant issue of cleansing the air in the winter, when there is no opportunity to air quality apartment.

It is important to know before you grow an avocado from the bones at home, that the flora is toxic.

forbidden to split the bone and eat the leaves of plants and the peel of the fruit.These components contain dangerous to human health - fungicidal toxin Piersyn.

It can cause allergic reactions up to anaphylactic shock.This toxin is a negative effect on the digestive system.It is considered dangerous not only for humans but also for animals.For this reason, it is better not to carry out the cultivation of trees in a home where pets are kept, for example, cats, who often like to chew the leaves of houseplants.

How to germinate bone?

When choosing seeds, from which will be the cultivation of trees, should be guided by the appearance of the fruit of the avocado.It is necessary to acquire ripe fruit with no signs of spoilage.Not suitable green avocado fruits such as bone will nevyzrevshie.If the fruit is ripe and beautiful in appearance, most likely, it is suitable to grow a tree from his bones.

Stone avocado with toothpicks in a glass of water There are several options germinating seeds.Typically, this procedure produced so that the bone was lowered by half in the water.You can make small holes on three sides on each side, which fasten toothpicks, thus making the support for the bones.Hole depth floss should not be greater than 5 millimeters.Then the bone is immersed in the surface of the water tank with the blunt end down.Since the germination process takes a considerable amount of time, it is important to ensure that the water level did not decrease.It is understood that under the appearance of cracks germination is understood between the two cotyledons.

can just pick up a container with a small diameter, such as a glass, fill it with water by 2 - 3 cm, and then lower the bone at the bottom of dishes.This method is just as important to the blunt end was lowered into the water.Do not expect quick results.It usually takes 3 - 5 weeks prior to sprouting seeds.

To expedite this process, the water can be added charcoal, which will enrich it with nutrients.In some cases, you can use a few drops of liquid fertilizer.It is important to monitor the condition of the water.If it has changed color from clear to green, it is necessary to remove the bone, wash the dishes well and pour fresh water.

process of landing pits

Once there was a crack between the cotyledons, can be planted bone.Exercise should fit into a special primer, which can be purchased in any flower shop.Suitable land with an average level of acidity.

best not to use ordinary soil, which can be dialed on his own plot, because it may be infected with parasites that present a danger not only for avocado trees, but also for other ambient flora.

Requires good drainage of the soil to provide the correct level of humidity in the future.When planting should immerse half pit in the ground blunt end down and rammed earth.After that, the avocado is necessary abundantly watered.If all procedures were performed correctly, after 10 days it will be dark green sprout from seeds.Usually at this stage, there is an intensive growth of the plant, which amounts to 1 centimeter within one day.

Avocados in a pot When choosing pots for planting should pay attention to the material and size.It is better to buy small pots in which the young plant will look harmonious.It is important to choose the appropriate color that will be in harmony not only with the interior but also with rich green foliage of avocado.

clay and ceramic pots before use, you can pour over boiling water to kill potential pests.Pots made of plastic is better to use the new, that is not costly in view of their low cost.Terms

care avocados


in any sources, where they write about how to grow an avocado from a stone, it is said that this plant comes from the tropical latitudes.This based care guidelines for trees.It likes high humidity.

Spraying At home, this can be achieved by spraying the plants with an atomizer, which should be done every day.Otherwise, the leaves may turn yellow, brown and acquire crumble.You can set a nearby vase filled with water, to constantly maintain a favorable microclimate optimal for avocado.

Watering should be done as the drying-mail.Do not allow excessive drying of the soil.Otherwise, the plant may lose leaves and die.


Pot is best installed in a light room with a diffused sunlight.Direct sunlight can have a detrimental effect on the avocado.The plant likes a warm environment.

In winter, you can not avoid lowering the temperature below 14 degrees.In the summer of avocados can withstand temperatures of 28 degrees in the room.


The barrel with cut leaves With correct care can be achieved sprouting leaves up to 35 centimeters, which looks very exotic.Because the plant can reach several meters in length, it is necessary to carry out topping after reaching the desired length.This should be done in the following way: manually remove 2 - 3 young leaf from the top of the plant.Such a process will form a beautiful lush crown of trees and prevent excessive growth in height.


annually avocados should be transplanted into a larger pot, changing the soil.It is best to carry out this procedure in the spring.When transplanting, it is important to ensure good drainage and soil quality.Watering during the period of adaptation carried out in the usual way.If avocados feels good, it can bloom.At the same time the formation of the fruit should not be expected.

Grow avocados at home is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance.One need only be patient, as the process of "revival" of avocado pits, which occurs by dipping it in water, takes up to two months. Thereafter enough to plant it in the ground and provide daily care for the plant.In return you will get an exotic tree, which will decorate your interior and a source of pride, you will be able to demonstrate guests of the house.