Victoria's Secret - the tenderness and femininity of your image

Swimsuit Victoria Secret Among the many modern brands of clothes, shoes and accessories is not surprising confused - a huge selection of offers not only benefits, but also has its drawbacks.

However, there is one brand, for the expression of beauty products which do not even need words - just look at the original dress, swimwear and undergarments to remain forever faithful admirer of its fashion designers.We are talking about clothes Victoria Secret , which is popular with thousands of women worldwide.


  • history of the brand
  • Underwear
  • Swimwear
  • dresses and tops
  • Home clothes

history of the brand

History Victoria's Secret began with the release of the original lingerie - its creators wantedgive original style, even what is hidden under the coat.

Around the 1980s, the brand takes a landmark niche occupied by the now - its advertising says that the clothing may be one of the most important objects of seduction and attract attention.

Its unique feature was the incredibly beautiful combination

of modest tenderness and expressive sexuality that had to taste a variety of celebrities, some of which are happy to pose for a photo in the new catalog of companies.


Red bra a girl

Underwear, produced by different combination of a gentle modesty and freshness characteristic of youth, as well as original features, contributing a tantalizing touch of sexuality.Different models may make it unusual images, smooth curves, lace, decorative crystals and more.


Girl on the beach In addition, around 1990 under the name Victoria's Secret made and beachwear, swimwear posed.She inherited a corporate identity, which allows any woman to become extremely attractive and seductive, regardless of the circumstances.

Among the features of these swimsuits is possible to note the frequent absence of a strapless, the use of thin, barely visible fasteners, without restricting freedom of movement, as well as original colors, is an independent decoration underwear.

dresses and tops

Knitted dress More recently began development of a new niche in which the company Victoria's Secret had not been presented.She became unusual dresses and tops that are well suited for use in a variety of stylistic images.Designers have taken the direction of retro style, takes us back to the 1980s - the revolution of morals and the final recognition of the equality of women.

Such clothing is well suited not only for a romantic date or a luxurious party - it can be combined with business style, in which she looks simply irresistible.

Home clothes

Pink striped pajamas Many women like the original and indoor clothing, which is also produced under the brand Victoria's Secret.It takes into account all the needs - it allows you to cut the freedom of movement, soft fabric for maximum comfort and convenience, and style of the original creates the same sense of sexuality and seductive, it is accompanied by other brand products.

Among homewear range can be distinguished:

  • pajamas;
  • bathrobes;
  • sundresses;
  • blouses;
  • body.

This development does not stop - very soon the company promises to please us unique and stylish accessories.