Stole: Learning to create stylish images

The girl with a bright scarf around his neck Tippet is unusual and versatile accessory.It allows you to clearly express your individuality.Wearing such a stylish item can be summer, winter, and in the offseason.The scarf combines perfectly with outerwear and dresses.

There are different ways on how to wear a stole.For certain situations, it can be fastened in a special way - so, tied on his head, a scarf and a hat will perform duties give the image a finished look.

How to wear evening dress with a cape?

Stole made in the form of a wide rectangular cloak.For it can be used warm or thin fabric.There are fur and wool model.There are options shawls made from weightless silk or chiffon.

Stole looks gorgeous model in fur.It is great for gala events or social events.But with the help of silk or chiffon products can make a glamorous evening gown.Wide scarf successfully replace a silk scarf to form the image of the day.

the secrets of how to wear a stole, knew our grandparents.Now again, this accessory has become a fashionable trend.

color capes should be in harmony with the colors of clothing.You can use contrasting combinations.This will give greater expression of the image.Effectively look model which has a pattern, embroidery or long fringe.If you wear a scarf on your head, it will help create an image of the mysterious east.

very beautiful dress with stole.It can be worn on the shoulders.

The most common accessory is simply placed on the shoulders, leaving the ends free.This makes the image very feminine and romantic.

wide scarf can be wrapped around the neck or tie on its head.

Tippet on the shoulders of the bride often wonder how to wear a dress with a stole, set bride.If marriage accounts for the cool season, it will warm girl.This attribute will add charm and fragility.If it's warm, the scarf simply throw elbows hands.In addition to the wedding dress more fit golden, cream or silver version of the product.It looks elegant and beautiful.

stole overcoat style variations

coat, buy a few seasons.Gradually she begins to pall.Wear every day the same thing rather boring.On the revenue comes stole.

few ways on how to wear a stole with a coat:

  • put a cloak over coat, tuck the ends under the belt;
  • throw a scarf over one shoulder.That he did not subsided, attach the original brooch (fit and decorative pin).

Scarf with a coat no less stylish looks the easiest and most simple method of how to wear a stole with a coat.If there is no clip, which you can fix the cape, its ends can be tied on the chest weakest node.

If you find a model to match the coat you can wear it on your head.This will be a bright accent of the whole ensemble.The main thing - to take into account the texture of the fabric.

Bold solutions for the fashion image

capes can be used not only to decorate the coat or dress.Not least, this looks nice detail on the head.Tie color can be silk, satin or chiffon wide scarf.Even cashmere or cotton models will be quite appropriate.

popular way how to wear a stole on his head, called the Charleston.Scarf just put on the head, the length of the flowing end was the same.Then it tight at the back and pull together wrapped tight knot.At the base of the back of the harness tie knot.It only remains beautifully dissolve ends.

Any woman can easily cope with the method of setting the rectangular kerchief on her head when she is laid around the wiring.Tippet, the same as in the previous method, on the back of pull together, and fold the ends harness.Next, you need just a beautiful wrap a tourniquet around the circumference of the head.To cloak did not fall down, the ends are threaded at the beginning of the harness.

to look stylish and beautiful, do not necessarily have in the wardrobe of a lot of things.Couple capes will free to change the usual way and always remain in the spotlight!