Luxurious and erotic lingerie from Agent Provocateur

A girl in a corset If every woman on earth has the ideal figure was smooth hips and seductive Brazilian buttocks, they all wore underwear exclusively brand such as Agent Provocateur. In 1994, the founder of the brand Agent Provocateur Joseph Corr, who is the son of Vivienne Westwood - known designers rebel, it was said that lingerie should fascinate and excite not only the one who looks at him, and those who wears it.These words, as she turned the world brand products idea of ​​what should be lingerie.Especially - lower.


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    • bride in white and colors of warm milk
      • IYLA ivory
      • TIGRE pink
      • AMBROSE pink / ivory
      • MADDY white
      • ABBEY cream/ pink
  • Shock and Awe chic
    • Wonderful World of Agent Provocateur
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Erotic daily

The girl in lingerie with a vacuum cleaner brand Agent Provocateur have no old collections.They breathe novelty despite Released.It is such a set of underwear «Desperate Housewives» .It recreated the spirit of the glorious fifties


now modern housewife can be really the ideal woman: sensual, unrivaled and undeniably beautiful.It turns out that the lessons of the simpleton household chores can make a supermodel.Moreover, tired of working husbands stray exhausted and literally wallowing down at the sight of such almazik at his home in such an expensive frame, forget about everything, and will think only about the mutual pleasure.

These bright opposing sets the mood as a hint that if yesterday was a modest woman adorable, today, just a second, it can turn into a dissolute mistress.Do not put off this game once a long box.Reincarnate quickly, and let the famous lingerie brand Agent Provocateur do wish every woman.

The girl in underwear proposed set was shot by photographer Miles Aldridge famous.He was able to discern subtle and embody in their works one very true statement: do not wander around on their own home like a cook, try to imagine a better hint of erotic charming housewife.It is not necessary to stay in curlers and apron when you can hit the charming husband curls.

To further impress a beautiful part of humanity, we offer a virtual visit to the ladies fashion show of a collection Agent Provocateur called «Desperate Housewives» .

Scandalous steps

Model in lingerie company called Agent Provocateur was founded in London a couple of Joe Corr and Serena Rees in 1994.His first couple of boutique opened in the same year in the city of Soho.It showcases literally crammed naked mannequins in the most explicit poses.They are not only attracted the attention, but also shocked passers-by gathering huge crowds of onlookers and potential buyers.

However, not only on mannequins lingerie from Agent Provocateur has created a furor.Equally shocking scene would find visitors within the walls of the boutique surprise.They met with cutey-saleswoman seductive in uniform: pink dresses, a designer whose mother was Joe Corra.

In those days like that, for all its eroticism, and quite openly, considered not only scandalous and vulgar.Shocking brand Agent Provocateur after such unprecedented advertising sold not only on the territory of old England, but raised an incredible sensation far beyond its borders.

first joint boutique opened in London with a frank, created in tandem, the collection turned out to be incredibly successful, and its products - in demand worldwide.

That is why it was necessary as soon as possible to open their flagship stores Agent Provocateur around the world, namely:

  • United States of America;
  • Europe;
  • the Middle East;
  • Hong Kong.
As surprising sounds, but in the same period, the first boutique Agent Provocateur has been opened on the expanses of the Russian Federation.Very quickly
brand has won worldwide fame, and this is not surprising, because each collection is not as frank as underscores something new and surprising, inherent prefabricated image of a respectable woman and the beautiful seductress.The capture of the mind


Fashion model in lingerie Any collection of Agent Provocateur is, above all, the triumph and the power of women.The proposed brand underwear at all times carried out exclusively from the most luxurious materials and end products on a figure sitting on a surprisingly perfect.It makes you want to scream: «How do they do it ?!» .

Each set of Agent Provocateur - is, above all, the flight of thought, which always leaves time and space flight of imagination.Embody the mystery that nobody is ever going to solve.After all, the composition of this brand are made of the finest silk and satin.It:

  • boudoir;
  • sexy;
  • trimmed with French lace exquisite;
  • decorated with ribbons and bows.
All this is done to ensure that not only the man, but the woman could not resist the bewitching captivating each set.

bride in white and colors of warm milk

Surprisingly, the collection itself, as well as all of the beginning of the Agent Provocateur has no name, but admire the fact that every wedding has its own set of "name".

IYLA ivory

Girl in lingerie and a veil translucent extravagant and sexy lingerie from Agent Provocateur decorate their wedding night any bride and groom forever captivate the arms of seduction.The set consists of French lace, lurex and inviting soft transparent mesh that attracts his innocence and at the same time flirting.This decoration will add mystery and intrigue lover.

mystery consists of lace bra, belt with French lace and high, classic or string panties.

TIGRE pink

Continuing the journey, we can consider the lingerie from Agent Provocateur, which consists of a set of gentle body - bright, decorated with satin ribbons, which is able to awaken this affair.He is also able to emphasize the dignity of the female figure.The length of the proposed suit is capable of playing well to excite the imagination.

No groom sophisticated outfit Agent Provocateur not leave anyone indifferent, especially under cover of the wedding night.
It can also chained to a woman admiring glances gentleman.

AMBROSE pink / ivory

Agent Provocateur Lingerie the wedding night Agent Provocateur offers its secret and prohibited weapons - flirty underwear.Just set AMBROSE able to captivate his charm, sex appeal and shock discourage innocence.With two colors, every bride in that lingerie is simply stunning.No wonder even that from a glance at his wife, any husband ever lose his head and devoted himself entirely to her.

This set of lingerie from Agent Provocateur includes:

  • transparent bra with floral embroidery;
  • belt pink transparent tulle;
  • as transparent shirts created from delicate tulle and decorated with a floral pattern awesome;
  • sexy thong panties with a magnificent bow on the back side;
  • classic shorts with floral decoration and openwork frame and on the sides with satin ribbons.

MADDY white

Box with linen Viewed set Agent Provocateur heart drowns French lace, floral patterns and soft pink satin, which are able to induce a man irresistible tendency to admire his chosen-wife.A nice addition to a set of home seductress become respectable bows.

This consists of Agent Provocateur:

  • feminine bra;
  • coquettish belts;
  • classic panties;
  • panties French;
  • playful thong panties.

ABBEY cream / pink

Model in lingerie Prokovator set ABBEY cream / pink from Agent Provocateur is a sexy lingerie that can win the heart of satin and silk soft, romantic style and sensual fabrics.

Set is able to create the image of an obedient but dissolute and faithful wife who is very attractive to men.This effect is sumptuous kimono, lace and expensive silk.Due to the length kimono provocative, to the lovely lady long riveted gaze of the beloved.Somewhere under his halves hiding small affair, awakening in the opposite sex not only interest but also the irresistible desire to know the beauty closer to drink that so securely hidden from prying eyes.

The set includes a lingerie from Agent Provocateur:

  • silk kimono made of light as lace and satin;
  • bra;
  • times;
  • grace;
  • shirt;
  • thong panties and classic.
As you can see, the Agent Provocateur lingerie offers its customers an intriguing and provocative, bold and sexy in which every woman looks not just a feminine and irresistible.
This new collection have already evaluated many lucky, as evidenced by just unheard of demand.

Shock and Awe chic

clients Agent Provocateur acquire new items created from satin and silk fabrics in red and black colors.They are dominant.However, such products are played original and different shades.This game is perfectly expressed in the collection's Soiree 2013-2014 autumn-winter from Agent Provocateur.

Wonderful World of Agent Provocateur

Model in black lingerie Collection kits Agent Provocateur are not only in the form of a bride's attire.Products brand is quite diverse, as evidenced by bathing suits and leather goods, including for sexual role-playing games.

It is worth mentioning that each model developed by Agent Provocateur is simple enough, does not have any tabs, push-ups, pads.However, decorated with ribbons, ruches, lace and ribbons.

For a long period of time, Agent Provocateur has not had its own product catalogs.This event took place in 2002.However, the brand can please others: since 1999, Agent Provocateur has had its own website through which you can make purchases.

Today the store chain Agent Provocateur present in every large city in the world, and its products, in spite of such a long residence time at the peak of glory, and all the demand, and continues to hold a leading position.
clients sets from Agent Provocateur are wealthy people who can afford to buy really high quality linens.Virtually every new product there is temptation and provocation.

Sets Agent Provocateur from any housewife can not create a perfect woman and reveal her devilish start, skillfully framed divine gift to give peace of mind and enjoyment.Fascinate and repel.Attract and hide behind a veil of mystery.

Model in red lingerie Otherwise, there could be no.After all, with the words themselves as the creators of the brand Agent Provocateur, the lingerie that suits the woman should be not only convenient and comfortable, but also to make his mistress sexually attractive and sensual.Confident, not only in its irresistible, but also natural beauty.

Even today, every buyer in any boutique of the world meet all the same saleswoman in juicy pink dresses, the design of which belongs to the famous controversial Vivienne Westwood - the mother of Joseph.

Today, many critics agree in the same opinion that Joseph and his wife Serena proved to the world that they are able to reveal the true essence of each woman.Even those belonging to the tormented population that forever mired at the stove, preparing delicious family.

Couple not going to rest on our laurels and is constantly in search of new compromises and confusions glove thrown in the face of ossified archaic, female beauty prefers to keep under baggy robe, which many called clothing for bedrooms.

scandalous-democratic line of L'Agent

Model in lingerie Lagent brings to your attention lingerie created under the guidance of creative director Sarah Shotton Agent Provocateur, in close cooperation with the sisters Penelope and Monica Cruz.They have developed a collection called L'Agent By Agent Provocateur.

debut collection from Agent Provocateur get not only fresh and refined, but also cheerful.Each kit is designed for its wide audience, thanks to affordable prices, which is obtained through the use of completely different materials and greatly simplified form.This brand has thought of everything to the smallest detail.The form has not been missed even the smallest, seemingly detail - delicate embroidery or lace trim.

Not to mention that the advertising of their collections Agent Provocateur has always paid special attention.In particular, this underwear in commercials starred famous actress Irina Shayk.Despite the fact that its role was merely episodic, because it has not had time to fully recover after giving birth to a new collection has been drawn attention of potential buyers - fans Agent Provocateur.