Knotted scarves original: 6 main ways

Bandanna around his neck woman Every woman wants to be original, attractive and unique.Create an interesting way to help a variety of accessories, which include scarves, shawls and stoles.Through a variety of colors, fabrics, textures and cut, you can pick up different images depending on the situation and mood.

Many girls wonder - how beautiful tie tippet?To help them come to different online portals, which offer a variety of video, which shows in detail how to use the neck accessories.

simple way to add an image

Different Wraps any thing you need to know how to wear.Only then it will be advantageous look and help to create a single image.And scarf, stole, and can be tied in different ways - depending on that the woman will look or queen, or peasant.

What good Wraps?They look great with any clothes, can warm the shoulders in a cool evening or to make an autumn image of elegant and interesting.It can tie, laid folds or just throw the ends of the shoulders and each time look irresistible.

Headscarf Many women do not like hats and can not pick up the

one that is ideal for any outdoor clothing.Scarves & Wraps can solve this problem by replacing the headdress - depending on the density and can be worn around the neck or tie down like scarves.

Original ideas prompt numerous photos in the Internet or women's magazines.

There are many ways to do it is beautiful and original, and the task of every stylish woman - to learn the skill.

main ways to use the accessory

Fashion for similar accessories introduced by Queen Victoria, who loved to wear this accessory.Thanks to her, the trend went far beyond the country and spread throughout the world.Today, these wide scarves at the peak of popularity, but not all women can independently figure out how to tie a beautiful element of the wardrobe on the neck or head.

can often meet women who wear such items like scarves that frame the face free, or prefer to tie as scarves.There are many ways to make it more original:

  1. A woman with a kerchief on her head wide stole to fold diagonally.Then throw down like ordinary scarves, and tie the loose ends behind.Next "design" down to the neck and turned backwards.As a result, the front turns the volume loop, which can be nicely put and give the necessary form.
  2. can tie wraps, shawls and scarves way "loop".For this accessory should be folded in half and throw over his head.The ends are threaded Tying stole a loop in a loop and tightened.This method allows you to play with the volume, tying scarves loosely or tighter.There is a more complex version of this method.The product needed to tie around the neck in the same way, but the resulting loop is pulled first one way, then you need to turn the loop and thread the second.Turned out very beautiful and original.
  3. Knitted scarf over one shoulder If the product is in the form of scarf-webs, you can throw it on his shoulders, twist the ends and put a couple of times on one shoulder.It will look very impressive.In this case, it is not necessary to complicate and too difficult to tie knots and loops.These scarves attract attention to their appearance.Over ingenuity can only spoil everything.
  4. How beautiful tie wraps, so he went to an evening dress?For such orders are usually used Stole for evening dress light shawls, scarves or other aircraft components.You can tie a loose knot at one end, a second Prodi.Place the product is to be so that the knot located on the side.

Thinking options, how to tie a scarf or stole, you must take into account its texture and color.Especially it concerns the selection of components to the board.It is necessary to dress the colors harmonize with each other, only the image will look beautiful and harmonious.You can tie the product on the shoulders, leaving open one or both of them.

Ways to tie a scarf a lot: in the neck, head, shoulders.Consideration should be given some time experimenting and trying out different techniques and then you can look original in every situation.