Shoes by Christian Louboutin - the trend at all times

Silver shoes in Hall of Fame fashion industry occupy a place of honor shoes, "Louboutin".Having them in your wardrobe - a sign of taste and style.The components of the stunning success of the shoe "Louboutin" are those properties:

  • incredible ease;
  • beauty and elegance;
  • high quality;
  • charismatic appearance.

shoes, "Louboutin" unique, they can immediately identify, among other models, and photos of fashionable footwear.What is the secret of recognition?This shoe works of art, which has developed a real maestro of design - Christian Louboutin.Sew them superklassnye professionals who never change the tradition of quality.

How did the idea of ​​red soles?

A pair of shoes on a hairpin world-famous brand Christian Louboutin is known for its radically-red soles.There are various myths about how there was such a great idea.

believed that the designer's inspiration dawned when he saw a bright red nail polish on the hands beauties.There is another version - the impetus for creative design became a bottle of red nail polish.His assistant wa

s holding a fashion designer.Without wasting time in vain, Christian colored lacquered sole shoes.

Regardless of where lies the source of inspiration for women all over the world are grateful to the master of fashion, which is Christian Louboutin, for his excellent invention.

Features branded models

Louboutin Christian Louboutin Shoes are selected well-known pop star, movie stars and socialites.To make a photo for the cover of glossy magazines, they just shoes "LaBute."Among the army of fans of this model - Madonna, Angelina Jolie, Christina Aguilera and other outstanding personalities.

eminent and ordinary shoppers are attracted not only promoted brand and the red sole.The main thing is that the value of women:

  • exclusive design;
  • anatomical proportions of the shoe;
  • 100% quality leather;
  • original decor.

shoes, "Louboutin" look very impressive and are a symbol of success.To attract the attention of men, and to be at the height of fashion, luxury enough to give yourself a pair of shoes, "Louboutin".

Shoes with spikes popular brand Christian Louboutin has its own official website where you can see photos of new models and to order exclusive shoes.Vip-cost models is high.Despite this, hundreds of buyers who do not have to personally visit one of the five boutiques, come to the site every day.They are willing to pay a huge sum to have the good fortune to buy another pair of stylish shoes.

fashion line of shoes by French couturier

The collection, which represents an annual Christian Louboutin, there are summer, winter, and spring and autumn line of shoes.

Red shoes and bag hallmark of the collection is on high stiletto boots.The palette of colors is dominated by blue, gold and cherry motifs.

For those who does not change the classics - suede-leather Louboutin black.This line includes models with a broad metal heel stable.

Ankle leopard Master creative ideas developed stylish, richly decorated boots - "LaBute."They are decorated with straps, buckles, fringes and lace.Photos from the podiums became a model for fashionistas.They began to fill up your wardrobe with leopard boots.Among the main trends - with wide ankle boots.

a huge variety of different line, which shows the shoes that Christian Louboutin has created.Photo from the brand directory show that the eminent designer has left a lot of fantastic ideas.Creator has developed a style of original models lacquer "masterpieces" the color of ripe cherries.Shoes decorated with thorns, fur, bows, rhinestones.Sweet Home Alabama - shoes in the box.

White shoes The artistic heritage are not only masters of shoes.The fashion world was shocked by sneakers "LaBute."The mix of sports and glamor style of a novelty has turned into a hit collections.

great interest, high demand and high price led to the fact that the market there are fake products of famous masters.Pathetic copies of photos are sold in many stores.

Known only one reliable way to buy original shoes from the designer - visit the official website.On its pages you can find a photo of the new collection of samples, to keep abreast of current fashion collections.