Pick up stylish accessories for winter

Girl in a fur hat you ready for winter?The cold season in our country always comes unexpectedly, forcing the majority of fashionistas surprise.Therefore it is necessary to think about your wardrobe in advance and buy fashionable fur hats that will help you become a real center of attention, always attracts glances.

Current trends suggest the use of small models with a nice round shape, or the fairly large hats with extra side protection.The latter also provides absolute safety to health even at strong frosts.

small fashion accessories

White fur cap One of the trends that gradually reduces the age of the owners of fur hats, a desire to minimize their size.These accessories have nothing like the old massive headdresses worn in previous years to protect against the cold.

elegant hat now become more fashionable way of an optional element that effectively complements the other items of clothing, shoes, handbags and other details of modern woman's wardrobe.At the same time in this season's most famous designers offer a rounded sh

ape without large planes, which emphasizes the tenderness and femininity.

Unlike previous years, returns fashion for natural colors.

With light coats and jackets to be used white, black, red and brown patterns that symbolize the rejection of the artificial and the natural return.

Headdress with long fur gradually passes and the desire to purchase hats with very long fur.This season will be in demand beautiful accessories with short or long fur elegantly laid fibers.

As for materials, there can also be seen similar trends.Faux fur, popularized by about 5-7 years ago, is almost out of use, leaving room only for natural fur hats.

Relevant species are:

  • mink;
  • fox;
  • sable;
  • fox.

Leopard fur For those who wish to excel and hit all the exclusive along with catchy elements, famous designers will offer caps and seals of Mouton.

However, they say that for star fashionistas prepared very unusual fur jaguar and leopard, to be presented at the next fashion shows.

For lovers of classical

Some still want to tightly wrap myself up in a warm hat that completely covers the head, effectively protecting it from the lowest temperatures.For them will be offered the original versions ushanok-caps, with major additional elements, placed on the sides.

winter of 2014-2015 will be a popular model with extra long fur, flowing over her shoulders.They do not require the mandatory use of a scarf as themselves replaced him as a protector and as a stylish accessory.

Cap with ornaments Some fashion houses have already shown and very original versions, where large patches of fur replaced with miniature ornaments that play a purely decorative role.They are hung on the thick strands, creating the effect of constant movement while walking.Such stylistic solution also helps provide maximum to attract the attention of people around.However

and youth will be offered a model with an unusual appearance.In particular, those with fur earflaps will be inside, as well as hats with unusual shapes that stand out even against the background of last year's most original options.

Therefore it is necessary to look at the winter clothes are already in time to form his image before the cold weather and to choose the best fashion accessories that accentuate your beauty, tenderness and femininity.