Stockings - tips on choosing

Stockings with pendants What do I need a lady to appear mysterious, sexy, attractive?Psychologists suggest: to feel alone, to believe in themselves.And then the cheeks will burn, the eyes - shine, providing a charmer universal admiration.

But to achieve "winged" state of mind to a great extent helps to wear, stylish underwear.Special chic image of ladies stockings attached with pendants.

Noticed: women, examples of such linen, feel more confident.


  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • nuances in applying
  • What are selected and under what to wear?
  • Option for visits
  • Universal model
  • some tips for choosing a stocking

Advantages and disadvantages

Pink suspension for stockings Before that kept stockings on legs, pendants worn on a daily basis.In 30-ies of XX century, it was a constant attribute of ladies' clothes.

Over time, as manufacturers have released a stream stockings with silicone inserts, suspension no longer current.They began to be perceived as a purely decorative element of clothing that is appropriate in specific cases

Many designers say that Bush pushed aside unfairly.Not only do they give the lady "flavor", so necessary when dating, they are comfortable to wear.

After silicone stockings too tight tightening the skin, leave unsightly marks on the skin.Charms also allow to wear loose socks, relieves women from such discomfort.

Stockings with pendants - a luxurious, stylish and a little defiantly.Yet the modern woman hardly persuaded to wear them every day.There is a reason:

  1. Girls in lingerie now in vogue tight skirts and dresses are not able to hide from prying eyes, decorative underwear.Optional accessories such as pendants noticeable, which is a manifestation of bad taste.
  2. to suspension really looked charming, they need to choose the color of the belt, panties, bras.This extra chores, which usually do not have time.

nuances in applying

important to carefully attach the stockings to the suspension.Their number may be different.Minimum - 4 rubber bands, what is called the European standard.Maximum - 8-10 gum provided the English pattern.The models used in the American style 6 hangers.

Belts are usually made from satin or lace stretch.Due to the elasticity of the material they are well-fitting shape.It is advisable not to buy the belt without trying.It is important to look at the length of the suspension and to ensure that the different position of the body there is no hard feelings.

for the production of stockings previously used only wool and lycra.Today it is widely used as cotton, latex, silk.

Stockings with silicone braided on top of the product are not suitable to wear with pendants.Inserts too bulky.They are not so easy to be in the loop vdet and secure.It is better not to experiment, and immediately buy stockings without silicone.Immediately it is worth noting: the cost will be higher.

White stockings with belt Seasoned fashionista emphasize that the process of putting on a stocking with pendants - is a ritual that requires skill.For the first time, with no experience, it can be difficult to attach to the gum stockings smoothly.It is better to do it in front of a mirror.

To start the belt is worn, then - actually stockings.In earlier times, the suspension is fastened on the bow.Today women of fashion offered a simplified version - gum on the clasps (clips).

For convenience, is to lengthen the elastic band by shifting the slider on it.Further fastener gripped from the edge of the stocking fabric to 5 mm.So that between the loop and the circle was placed stocking.Metal buckle suspension is prolonged, whereby a rubber circle pushes the fabric through the hole.Described manner is mounted each eraser then adjusted length.

What are selected and under what to wear?

Burgundy underwear The easiest way to buy a set of clothes, providing a belt for stockings.In this case, it does not have to worry as to whether the combined panties and a bra with the decorative accessories.If the times are not supplied, it is important to pick up under his own right in texture, color and pattern underwear.Hosiery should also be combined with the tone of underwear, a belt and a dress / skirt.

Stockings c pendants black - the most common option.They are recommended to be worn under the clothes in black or some other dark color.Do not forget the shoes.Bright shoes and black stockings - a measure of bad taste.

Stockings are visible from under her skirt In some cases, especially when it concerns young fashionistas, allowed a violation of the rules.Today, you can find damsels in black stockings, wearing a mini skirt or shorts light color.From fabrics for such a bold image of the most fit jeans, jersey.Impressive look stockings combined with leather yubchonkoy.Slightly soften the kind of daring outfit will cardigan draped top.

Yet it is important not to "overdo it" with innovations in the process of creating your own style.If the skirt is short, preferably before leaving the house to sit and check whether peeking from under her upper edge of the stocking.Such nuances others may seem vulgar.

free combination stocking clothes by color more appropriate to the parties, but not in the office or other solid institution.

for daily use and more acceptable black stockings without laces, because they do not stand under the clothes.

Option for visits

Black lingerie Ideal for romantic encounters - black fishnet stockings with lace belt.These accessories are an excellent look complete with black and red linen.Stockings can be decorated in classic style - with a wide strip of lace.

If you want something more fresh, you should pay attention to models with ribbons, bows and other decorations design.

known that many cavaliers love black fishnet stockings with nice addition - backseamed.However, this exciting model in the imagination of men able to adequately represent not every lady.

Stockings arrow, mesh, lace and sequins patterns and needs perfectly smooth and shapely legs.If such is the nature has blessed, reasonable to give preference to models monotonous stocking.

Universal model

options flesh-colored stockings considered universal.Especially in demand transparent products with the effect of smooth legs.It is desirable to combine with underwear and belt beige tones.

Stockings with color "cappuccino" is not necessary to wear ladies with very light skin.The contrast between the color of the legs and the body looks ridiculous.

Variant of white underwear White stockings with pendants usually try on a wedding dress of the bride.The belt and underwear must be exclusively of the same - white - color.Under less formal attire boil white hosiery wear is not recommended.In such cases, you should pay attention to the physical or stockings as an option - cream.

Choose white stockings can be when you want to make a relationship with a loved playful touch.They will help create an image of seductive nurse, so popular in the love games.Often stockings decorated with juicy red bows.Gray items, like black, it is appropriate to wear a dark underwear.

addition to standard black and physical product manufacturers offer a wide range of color copies.Bright and bold, they can be supplemented with crystals and stones, patterns and ornaments.They are allowed to wear clothing of different styles and colors.For a fun party, especially costumed, the described embodiment will not seem to scream.

some tips for choosing a stocking

to buy the perfect pair must be remembered that:

  1. size is selected correctly.If the product is small, it is definitely broken.If large - it will be bad to stay on his feet.Owners
  2. full legs is not seduced by models with patterns or into the net.And if you really want, then it is advisable to prefer stockings with a longitudinal geometric pattern.
  3. Socks should not be darker than the main clothing.
  4. Dense products inappropriately combined with open shoes.Under the pumps or sandals allowed to wear only thin stockings weighing not more than 20 Dan.

Remember that no one should imagine that the lady in stockings, as long as she dressed.