Manufacturer jewelry Sunlight - a description of the brand and the product catalog

Sunlight brilliant history of jewelry dates back to copper.Expensive jewelry than a dozen centuries found its place in the women's necks, fingers and legs.The technological process is not standing still, embodying the most fantastic ideas Jewellers.Today in a special rank can be distinguished from the jewelery company Sunlight.


  • with the times
  • mysterious silver
  • charms gold
  • assortment
    • Inspiration
    • Passion
    • Elegy
  • Women choose SUNLIGHT
  • Subtleties of care jewelry

Inup to date

Diamond ring Modern women prefer only contemporary jewelry.In step with the times and is a manufacturer of jewelry Sunlight.Among its range of only the highest quality goods, presented not only classic but also a sufficient number of fashionable exclusive models.

visit the official website of the manufacturer, you can get acquainted with all innovations and most popular trends.Here you will find not only a catalog of silver, but also cataloged and made of gold inlaid with 585 diamonds, sapphires, rubies and topazes.

Among the wealth of choice offers:

  • variety of rings;
  • bracelets with stones;
  • rings;
  • brooches;
  • suspension;
  • earrings;
  • necklace.

Bangle particularly original bribe watches branded watches sold under the logo of SL.No less noteworthy decorations transformers, which can be used as brooches, pendants and rings.

first among competitors Sunlight mastered decoration products using diamond deposits, which gives them a unique glare.To work with this technology you must use the most modern equipment, which can not afford the manufacturer "A" class.

mysterious silver

Silver ring its customers the company Sunlight always ready to offer a rich catalog of silver.As jewelry gold jewelry, silverware pleasing accents of precious or semi-precious stones, yielding no gold on the beauty, design and sophistication.

the Internet website of Sunlight always represents the most comprehensive and regularly updated catalog of silver, in which there are a variety of jewelry.At the same time special attention should be given silver bracelets around which is always vital spirit of romance.

well-chosen fashion bracelets woman chained to the views of many men.

Ornament will look beautiful not only on the thin wrist, but also unique and elegant full handle, emphasizing her femininity and palatability.Such luxury accessories can safely add new shtrishki acquiring, for example, a silver chain corresponding design.

bracelets made of silver, which is filled with the manufacturer's catalog, always endowed possessor by some magical powers, and gave authority over the representatives of a strong half of mankind.Visiting the website of Sunlight, woman is easily convinced that casket, which stores jewelry, can be filled with goods, affecting even the most refined imagination with its originality and variety of design ideas.

gold charms

The ring on his finger Sunlight Company uses in not only gold of 585 tests, produces white and pink precious metal.The first is the strongest to date.Any jewelry that were released under the brand name Sunlight decorates specific engraving in the form of two letters of the alphabet - SL, the combination of which is not only a brand name, but also confirms the authenticity of the product and its quality.


As already mentioned, through the official website can be found with all the novelties of the manufacturer by viewing the photos.

In most cases, jewelry collected by certain common names of the designer lines.Among them are three, which will be further conversation.


Inspiration collected here jewelry, which hides women's categorical, always remains on top.They concealed the prestige of authority with clearly traceable sketch ease, able to give a constant rate of harmony and purity.There mysteriously flicker diamond frame, and shades of blue topaz sparkle and shimmer on the faces of the stones refracted in their planes.It seems that the jeweler inspired inaccessibility and coldness of the Snow Queen, who knows the truth of chic and expensive jewelry.


Passion In this collection, secretly hidden in the ideals of love, romance and night lightness of being.It is stored intriguing desires, which brings amazing evening filled with anticipation completeness night Enchanting temptation.These ornaments do not carry even a subtle hint of pathos.

They collected the elegance of classical music, which presented its vision of the jeweler.Any lady who gave herself totally impulse did so elegant and aristocratic choice envy the goddess of night.


Elegy Considering jewelry from this collection strikes a thoughtful aristocracy and sentimentality, constant presence of haze sensitivity and vulnerability of the thin nature.On such products opt brilliant person, certainly know the true secret of pearl jewelry.Hit the brilliance and captivating play that create incredible atmosphere of solemnity, splendor and surroundings not only internally and around their owner.

special chic give immaculate spherical shape pearl, perfectly in harmony with white gold, embodying the rich fantasy of a skilled jeweler.

Women choose SUNLIGHT

Sunlight Collection And it is not a statement, an axiom.Because:

  1. Any product is decorated with diamonds.Many of them have sapphires, pearls, emeralds, topaz, pink corundum, onyx, cognac diamonds, green garnets;
  2. present a unique tie-precious stones by the "micro-pave", which is performed manually.Thanks to their tight fit seems solid track that even under a magnifying glass does not lose its homogeneity;
  3. applied comfortable, adjusted to the millimeter, the castles of the French and English production, which, despite its lightness, robust and strong.The same applies to screw locks with double locking;
  4. Impeccable design jewelry not only creates an amazing style, but also highlights their masses similar products.

Subtleties of care jewelry

Caring for gold If Sunlight ornaments made of gold, in the case of stains and plaque, they should be dipped in warm soapy water, then wipe thoroughly with a brush.Sprucing products from Sunlight helps suede fabric.If a jewelry with precious stones, for the appearance of shine on them should be cleaned with a cotton swab that is drenched in liquid ammonia.To clear the gems encrusted by Sunlight, you can use an ordinary detergent, sponge or brush.

working with chemicals, products of the company Sunlight must necessarily be taken to prevent adverse effects on them.I do not advise jewelers Sunlight contacting their products with creams, which may contain corrosive ingredients: sulfur, iodine and chlorine, can provoke the appearance of a black plaque, or dark spots.