How to choose pantsuits

Girl in a pantsuit Nowadays it pantsuits is the epitome of elegance and modern style.Without it difficult to imagine a wardrobe is not only a business woman, but as a sales assistant, manager, teacher and public worker. European countries have taken in its arsenal a few of these costumes.

Modern fashion provides an opportunity to meet this requirement, and each time a woman can wear something unusual and interesting.Going to work or attending corporate events, a lady in the pantsuit even able to look charming and cool.


  • phenomenon trouser suit
  • Trouser suit - a provocative element of the wardrobe
    • Modern cut
    • Two drops shine
    • Forget black
    • Playing with textures
    • More ... even more color
  • Alwaysheight
  • Miniature - Miniature

phenomenon trouser suit

Dietrich dressed As surprising as spoken words are not heard, but the female trouser suit is in fashion is a relatively recent phenomenon.His appearance every woman owes a magnificent and charming Coco Chanel.After all, she actively promoted the advancement of

women in the male-style mass during the twenties of the last century.

Her idea of ​​a great hunter picked up people for whom the fashion was not always the last word.These individuals include:

  • couturier Andre Kurrezha;
  • Yves Saint Laurent;
  • Marlene Dietrich;
  • Greta Garbo.

kit called Women's trouser suit consists of a jacket or a jacket and trousers.However, such a set of accepted The girl in a suit today considered a classic or conservative.It is also practical and comfortable clothes.However, do not be afraid of all its rigor.After all, even the most severe pantsuits can easily be transformed into a more relaxed option, but only if it is the right combination with the relevant elements of the wardrobe.

A variety of textures, density fabrics, prints and colors contributed to the emergence of women in such suits in the government offices, the most ordinary offices, informal parties and red carpets.Nevertheless, despite what it shows your character pantsuits and the occasion on which it is put, there are certain rules that determine the patterns of its wear.

Trouser suit - a provocative element of the wardrobe

A woman in a suit boundaries between male and female fashion gradually eroded, and have each used to the fact that a considerable part of the male wardrobe in a female migrates.Nowadays such a thing as a "dress feminine" no longer means only wearing evening dresses, short skirts and high heels shoes.

Every day a growing number of women who believe that women wear today pantsuit is necessary to look elegant and feminine.Today, a woman in the pantsuit is no longer perceived rebel or a man who has had the courage to speak out against all the stereotypes and norms.

Far behind were the days when the young lady, dressed in pantsuits, not just criticize or condemn, but also discriminated against at all, not letting in decent restaurants.
In particular, the special order of the government of France was prohibited provokatorshu famous Marlene Dietrich is in the pantsuit within Paris.

tochilos lot of passion around this male wardrobe element, which gradually and steadily moved into the category of women's clothing, and it was worth it.

Modern cut

The girl in trousers ukarochennyh not worth more to remember about the "square" obsolete suits in which the charming lady looked like anything but not feminine.In our time, choosing pantsuits, you should pay attention not only to the unusual cut, but also non-standard solutions:

  • short pants;
  • extravagant and interesting accessories;
  • close-fitting jackets;
  • large lapels.

Two drops shine

Never be ashamed of opportunities to stand out from the mass of non-festive and everyday.It is nowhere written that wearing pantsuits is a privilege only Hollywood actors and stars.Always try to add a little intrigue, two drops of shine.Let it be, if not a little shimmering jacket with applique, the classic black trousers, successfully assembled together.You make sure that such an unexpected solution can radically change your image completely.

Forget black

The girl in the pink Yes, forget about black.This is not advice, but rather the order.Order of modern fashion.You do not need this archaic, strict, overly classic color that will not be able to get along in the company of members pantsuits.Your whole outfit will look very dull.

Replace it with other colors, much more profound and intense.Such as:

  • sapphire-green;
  • chocolate;
  • burgundy;
  • emerald;
  • wine.
If your life is not yet ready for this kind of drastic changes, then it is possible to give preference to more pressing flowers, but also a bit unconventional:
  • white;
  • red;
  • bright pink;
  • pastel tones and shades.

Playing with textures

Silk Trousers your pantsuits does not necessarily have to belong to the standard.Try to combine together a variety of materials, as well as elements such as tweed jacket with silk pants or pants with a jacket knitted wool.

Take a word such bold composition will look much better than an ordinary traditional "uniform", made from the same type of fabric.However, there are other methods, including the use of various inserts distinguish, appliques or strips made of the opposite material.All of these steps and tricks will help give your image is not only an element of pride, but also spicy creativity.

More ... even more color

In a world where there is monochrome suits your pantsuits always should look not just unusual, and combine incongruous.If black trousers to be seen in the company of a bright red jacket, then you know that today you real queen style.

The girl in trousers If our proposed option is contrary to your understanding of beauty is too bold, then wear your standard low-key monochrome suit, but it certainly put a bright colored shirt, a blazer or blouse.

Always at the height of

Wearing a suit, afraid to look at it too hard and unfeminine.So always try to trim it to the high-heeled shoes or heels.This stylish footwear goes well not only with a business suit, but also creates the image of you secured a glamorous lady.

Miniature - Miniature


Preferring style Oversize, do not dress up in size XL, when your - XS.Take a word - Medium to you the most.
white jacket in a free cut, elegantly rolled up sleeves, loose shoulder line for petite girls will go perfectly with narrowed trousers or a skirt pencil.

Shirt-style oversize important to remember that the amount in your mind should not be associated with a bag or some shapeless cloth.

In the context of descriptive white trouser suit, the word "amount" should be understood lightness and looseness.Such assemblies should be, first of all, convenient.So about any style pants Skinny and it can not be.After all, the perfect pantsuits, especially white, is slightly fitted jacket and loose trousers straight.

Note, in this case one can not speak of practicality, since the very white and completely eliminates the root of the concept.This is the price and a nice mix of fashion.