Gorgeous jewelry from Tiffany

Tiffany Bracelet highest values ​​have not just jewelry, and exquisite little things from famous brands.The broadest possible international fame and love all the ladies received the decoration "Tiffany."This well-deserved success, as the products are great, unique design and incredible style inherent only "Tiffany."

kits and some jewelry brand become the first person of the world, music stars and films for the most important events.

history of world brand

company "Tiffany" began its history in the XIX century, not as a goldsmith.It was a small shop for the purchase and resale of exclusive jewelry.

Charles Tiffany Charles Tiffany jewelry acquired from bankrupt aristocrats, so their quality has always been excellent.In the first year it developed a unique branded packaging in soft turquoise, which today remains a symbol of the brand.

Gradually famous people of the time, such outstanding figures as Sarah Bernhardt, Mark Twain and even the Abraham Lincoln (the brand necklace he gave his wife the day of his inauguration) have beco

me regular customers shop "Tiffany."

started producing its own series of unusual and incredibly spectacular jewelry.Even in the 50s it released a catalog of jewelry Tiffany, which is annually replenished with new exclusive models.

Diamond Necklace Ornaments "Tiffany" are highly valued throughout the world, passed from generation to generation, are sold for millions at major auctions.Rings, necklaces, cuff links, earrings, watches and bracelets from the "Tiffany" - a high fashion style and excellent quality that can not be confused with anything.

unique jewelry Tiffany

Ring with gems Owners of "Tiffany" has always tried to find and to offer our customers something special and interesting, what is not, and can not be in others.This concerns not only a stunning design jewelry and precious stones, they inlaid.

company "Tiffany" in different years produced a lot of different products, from weapons during the war to silverware.But jewelry in platinum, gold and silver have been and remain the main asset of the brand.

Products decorated with pearls, diamonds, and so beautiful, but little-known Tiffany gems as:

  • Tanzania;
  • tsavorite;
  • onyx;
  • kunzite.Tiffany Yellow Diamond

In 1877, the brand has gained a huge Tiffany yellow diamond in Africa.Master jeweler handled it so that the stone became the owner of 90 shimmering facets and weighing 150 carats.

diamond was named after the owner.It was the greatest in the history of rock.It was for this work house Tiffany received the status of "Diamond King."

How much luxury items from Tiffany?

At the mere mention of the name of the brand in the mind of Tiffany jewelry float huge sums of money, as the jewels of the brand become world stars, and the history of some products is more than 100 years.

«Tiffany" - a brand with a rich history, and the price of exclusive, and often the family jewels of thousands and millions of dollars.

Wedding rings But it is worth noting that the company has been working for different target groups.In addition to unique patterns of jewelry produced in single copies, the brand produces showy silver jewelry and costume jewelry, which is expensive for a simple townswomen and even students, who appreciate high quality and stunning style of "Tiffany".Such a gift, especially in the original turquoise package will please every modern woman.

in Russia is quite difficult to buy the products from the "Tiffany".This is due to the huge number of fakes, which are still found in stores.

Experts recommend buy products directly from the manufacturer.The official website of the brand is ready to help each purchase.

Earrings with diamonds This site is always available to connoisseurs of jewelry and is regularly updated with new models of jewelry and glamorous jewelry.

choosing the best, it must be remembered that the decoration - it is only part of the image.How it will look - it depends on you.However, it is Tiffany help any lady to be more luxurious and attractive.