Choosing protection against sweat: 4 Tips

Antiperspirants no protection from sweat in the modern world, we simply can not do.In the shops you can see a huge amount of data cosmetics.But, unfortunately, not always the most expensive cosmetics of famous brands helps to keep the skin dry and fresh all day long.So at some antiperspirants should stay?There are four important tips to help you make the right choice.

without sweating our body can not be dispensed.After all the sweat helps to maintain optimal body temperature, does not allow our body to overheat, and removes toxins.Sweat itself has absolutely no smell.Odors emit harmful bacteria that are in the process of recycling waste products, together with then come to the surface of the skin.It is because of this, everyone has a characteristic odor.


course, they quickly eliminate unpleasant smell.That's when they can not influence the process of increased sweating.The structure includes perfumes, various aromatic substances, anti-bacterial agents.They help to "hide" bad smell, and give people

a sense of freshness and purity.If

deodorant and a good quality, then it is possible to see a part of the natural components.Most often manufacturers add extracts of white tea, mint, succession, chamomile and calendula.These natural ingredients have a beneficial effect on the state of the epidermis.They saturate it with moisture and have a soothing effect.

most effective means in the fight against excessive sweating is considered, sprays, sticks and casters.Even the hot summer they are able to give a sense of coolness and lightness.They should pay attention to those people who have very delicate and sensitive skin.The fact that such means comprise a minimal number of aggressive substances.

roll-on deodorants are very comfortable and compact.They are convenient to use and carry.Texture them more tender.Quality means of this type do not leave marks on clothing.Here only balls are not always suitable for sensitive skin.

Sticks sweat Sticks

This tool is convenient because it can not be pour, it will fit easily in a purse, as well as not to stain your clothes.There is one drawback.After use, the stick may be small white particles.

That they may leave marks on clothes.Such funds do not cause skin irritation.


It is a proven tool that is able to block the sweat glands.Because of this, the pot will be allocated less.Their composition can be seen zinc and aluminum.These components are able to seal the cuticle.As a consequence, there is a narrowing of the sweat glands, and sweating is reduced twice.Do antiperspirants no smell.So that their use does not hurt to use their favorite perfume.

important to remember that after the hair removal is not necessary to apply the means of protection against sweat.Such action could provoke severe irritation.

Very often you can hear from women that does not help them, no means of protection against sweat.There can be many reasons.

Funds may not be effective in such cases:

  1. Incorrect application.
  2. If a person eats too many sharp products.
  3. Excessive consumption of coffee.
  4. Deficient means of protection against sweat.

Before you put on the surface of the skin remedy, be sure that it is clean and dry.If you go to the gym or to the gym, do not use antiperspirants.After all, there you will have to sweat a lot and sweat glands are not blocked.

If you want to refresh your skin during the day, you must first remove the remnants of deodorant with a damp cloth.Then we wait for the skin to dry.And only after that we put a new layer of protective agent.