Choose a hairstyle for long curls to prom

Hair style dandies in hairdressing world trends may change from year to year, but long hair will never go out of style.Especially if you are selected to prom hairstyles for long hair.You can give preference to classical, avant-garde, rock style or elegance.The main thing to remember, that any of them is an integral part of the image graduate.

Many stylists recommend women pick to light with braided hairstyles.Dark hair more suitable curls or ringlets, and glowing gold - smooth styling.

should be noted that in many cases the choice of hairstyles will also depend on the style of dress.Therefore finery perfect harmony brevity.Straight and long evening toilet ideal high styling with hair collected.


  • Success Secrets
  • We select options
    • Hair flowers
    • hairstyles with elements of weaving
    • Hairstyles with accessories
  • updo

Success Secrets

For every girl prom- a special evening.This is why:

  1. Never hurry.After all, you, if you start to advance, there will be plenty of time to browse Internet pages
    or fashion magazines.Your choice should be weighed and think carefully;
  2. Stacking should not only have an impressive view of the outside, but also be sufficiently strong;
  3. Try not to overdo it with accessories.Do not let the hair turned out to be a masterpiece of the Christmas tree.

We select options

Since then, as mild negligence came into vogue, breathed freer holders of long hair.However, piling up on the head are not considered last word.The main thing - the harmony.

Hair flowers

flowers in her hair always looks fresh and gentle.Not necessarily that they were natural.You can use the artificial as a living face withering.Among the possible options Please pay attention to the following haircuts.

Asymmetrical styling asymmetrical styling will look not only feminine, but also original.
Volume styling not too high, volume, decorated with bright colors, it is particularly suited for the dark-haired girls.
Plexus hair intricately braided hair in a ponytail, braid perfectly complement the colors soft pink hue.
Braided hair curls bright braided hair, curls decorate the original colors.
Low styling with braided Considering hairstyles for prom, look at this photo.Low styling with braided in a special way it will look with a flower, focuses on attention.
Stacking for dark hair The attached photo shows a wonderful hairdo on prom long hair dark.Curls graduate bomber behind and supplemented by a small number of original small flowers.

hairstyles with elements of weaving

braids, baskets, nets, netting a huge number of options, in terms of advice and they are the most massive.There is pursued one goal: to highlight the natural beauty of long hair without weighting them by various means to care.

The most popular trends of hairdressing enjoys weaving long hair.The brightest options presented in the photo.In this case, the fantasy must be boundless.

practiced weaving French braid, partial wrap an over the head, integrated with curls or a hair straightening.If the girl has thin hair, then using the effect-gafre can give them the required amount.Because of this, when weaving, hair at the crown will be more lush, and the spit is significantly pronounced.

owners of long and luxuriant hair hairstyles can come, represented by the following picture.

The original weave braids original form of weaving will create a feeling of uniqueness that will make your prom memorable.
Laid in the side Spit Reflecting on what exactly should be your prom hairstyle on long hair, look at this photo.Free, laid in the side braid with straight locks will look spectacular with a light-colored dresses.
Thin braids Equally look beautiful long hair with this type of weaving.You will be inimitable, and the exhaust - a pleasant event, long settled in your memory.
Spit on dark hair As the owner of dark hair, prefer this kind of hair, which is provided in this photo.
Weave a circle Perhaps the young women of fashion and enjoy such a way where the hair is braided in a circle, forming a spiral effect.
Wicker Originally looks woven from the hair of a basket, which is decorated with small flowers.

Hairstyles with accessories

There are a variety of hairstyles for prom long hair, but this plural diversity of each graduate to choose something different and only original.Among these solutions are distinguished hairstyle with accessories:

  • pins;
  • pins;
  • diadems;
  • artificial flowers.

It is worth noting that the modern hairdressing uses a broader list than we have shown, and it depends only on the imagination and professionalism zakazchitsa artist.

White barrette in her hair By and large graduation party demands that it she is always in the spotlight.You want to enjoy the attention of others?Make styling, reflected in the photograph, which is the original decoration of the barrette.
The tail tied with ribbon Many girls think about how beautifully put hair on prom.The bang and curly ponytail, tied with a ribbon, will give you a real pleasure at such an event.
Stranded locks If you have beautiful hair, then blow-be royal, and in addition to the long tresses would be stranded a lot of small ornaments.
Hairpin in the form of peacock feathers pomp and expensive looks great as a hairpin peacock feathers attached side.Such a composition will contribute to ensure that your graduation was the most positive, and you were in the center of the celebration.
Elegant styling an original and elegant styling, which is dominated stranded curls give fringe of luxuriant hair, decorated with small flowers in the form of small pins.Such a discharge can not forget any one guy whose heart is conquered your unearthly beauty.
Veil Not every prom may be surprised by the presence of women in the veil, which is able to give a woman some mystery.However, you must bear in mind that the color of the veil must match the color of the dress.
Hairstyle with accessories you are firmly convinced that the hairstyle must be rigorous and concise look?Then take a look at this hair styling is dominated by small accessories and beautiful bangs.
Tiara on her head solemnly, just like a king, will look at long curly hair, decorated with a beautiful tiara.


Updo How many masters - so many options pilings.Nowadays hairstyles for prom long hair does not cease to amaze with their original and often daring compositions.

High stacking by masters of their craft, able to give the image of a certain feminine mystique.This kind of hairstyle, which cleverly intertwined laced ribbon, suitable for both brunettes and blondes.

Long hair will make even such a high spectacular styling, but underneath it is required to choose the least glamorous evening gown.Stylish hairstyles high enough, but it is impossible to describe every.