What is sciatica, how it differs from degenerative disc disease and how to treat it

Patient loin diseases of the nervous system, or sciatica, the symptoms of which are very similar to symptoms of degenerative disc disease occurs due to inflammation of the spinal nerve roots. Based on the localization of inflammatory processes are the following forms of sciatica: the upper cervical, thoracic, cervical-thoracic, lumbosacral.

Last is the most common, because it is the lumbar region is experiencing the maximum load that provoke deformation of intervertebral discs and vertebrae themselves.


  • Causes sciatica
  • Risk Group
  • Symptoms of sciatica
  • Diagnosis of the disease
  • disease treatment
  • Treatment folk remedies
    • Black radish
    • Aloe
    • Birch leaves
    • Red pepper
  • Preventiondisease

Causes sciatica

Loins should be noted that sciatica is not an independent disease.It is a complex of symptoms which appear at the time of compression or irritation of the spinal cord, which are bundles of nerve fibers that come from the spinal cord and limbs diverge.

In 95% of cases, sciatica, includ
ing lumbar, is a consequence of manifestations of osteochondrosis.Among the instigators of the disease often say osteophytes and intervertebral hernia.
In all other cases, the disease can be triggered by:
  • long-standing spinal cord injuries;
  • diseases of internal organs;
  • affected by inflammatory processes in the paravertebral tissues;
  • tumors of the peripheral nervous system.

Spinal stenosis also cause symptoms of sciatica can be a herniated disc.As a result of the development of osteoarthritis in the intervertebral discs observed degenerative dystrophic processes that lead to a local bulging disc, and eventually to a herniated disc.That it irritates and compresses the nearby nerve roots extending from the spinal cord, that is the reason that begin to show symptoms of sciatica, something similar to the symptoms of osteoarthritis.

should be noted that the symptoms of sciatica can cause osteophytes and a narrowing of the spinal canal (stenosis).Also, the symptoms will manifest itself by narrowing the openings (foramilnyh channels), out of which the spinal nerves.

compression and irritation and inflammation of the nerve roots can trigger chronic pain that will manifest symptomatically, in the case of degenerative disc disease in the neck and lower back, or at a significant distance along the nerve fibers.

Compression root violates the conductivity of the fibers, which will be expressed in sensory loss: burning, tingling, numbness and muscle weakness in the extremities.

Often provocateurs sciatica can act stress, weight lifting, metabolic disease, hypothermia, infection.

Risk Group

Loader at risk include people skills relate to the increased load on the spine.Many workers suffer from osteoarthritis for years.Drink painkillers, and eventually have symptoms of sciatica, which are a consequence of the neglect of his health.As a result, they get the "destruction" of the spine, suffering from sciatica.

Symptoms of sciatica

As mentioned, sciatica is not a single disease.These are numerous symptoms, consisting of:

  • pain;
  • sensory disturbances;
  • muscle weakness;
  • discomfort in the spine.

Diagnosis of the disease

MRI Equipment Thus, sciatica is not an independent disease.His presence is betrayed some symptoms similar to symptoms of osteoarthritis.Therefore, accurate diagnosis of the disease must be a number of activities:

  • determination of the nature of pain symptoms, their duration, intensity;
  • sensitivity analysis of the presence of violations;
  • elucidation of muscle strength and range of motion;
  • neurological examination consisting of reflex activity of the final audit;
  • X-rays, to determine, occurring degenerative changes in the spine;
  • MRI.With the help rendered root compression;
  • EMG.It determines the extent of damage to the nerve fibers.

disease treatment

The doctor examines the waist Before the treatment of sciatica, it is necessary to analyze all the symptoms and actually detect the presence of the disease, which is similar to the manifestation of symptoms of osteoarthritis.

Depend sciatica treatment, including medication, is what kind of symptoms and to what extent are expressed.In particular, the doctor draws attention to the presence of pain, violation of motor function and changing the sensitivity.

In the struggle with the disease are applied conservative methods.It also includes medical treatment of sciatica.Its purpose is to reduce inflammation, decrease swelling, decrease the intensity of pain.

With the help of physical therapy:

  • improves blood circulation in the tissues surrounding the spine;
  • decreases the sensation of pain;
  • improves the conductivity of nerve fibers.

Spinal traction In the absence of contraindications, can be assigned to a massage and manual therapy aimed at removing the blocks and muscle spasms.Not rarely used and such treatment as acupuncture and acupuncture (RTI).With it, there is an influence on biologically active points, thereby reducing processes in the nerve fibers to increase the conductivity of pulses.

also involves the treatment of sciatica and exercise therapy.The dosage amount of physical activity to help restore the biomechanical function of the spine and the required stereotype movements of the vertebrae.

Application exercises, during which there is a redistribution of the load vectors, also contributes to the removal of a root compression and stop the degenerative processes occurring in the spine.
These exercises influence on the improvement of the elasticity of muscles and ligaments, which together improves the range of motion.

Often sciatica treatment consists of applying the exercises with weights, practiced on special simulators.Perhaps the practice of Qi Gong exercises.

Acupuncture Systematic studies are very important as a prophylactic measure for the prevention of all kinds of relapses in their various forms and manifestations of the states that develop due to malfunction of the spine.

Comprehensive Program, which consists of sciatica treatment, including medication, is aimed primarily at the immediate elimination of the symptoms that cause the patient pain.The structure of the complex program includes:

  • vacuum therapy;
  • laser;
  • magnitopunktura;
  • pharmacopuncture;
  • electrostimulation;
  • postisometric relaxation;
  • dry traction.

Thrust When using electrical stimulation treatment is 10 to 15 sessions.Pain syndrome persists for over 1 or 3 treatments.Treatment involves complete elimination of physical activity, in order to relieve irritation to spinal nerve roots.In the same period must be wearing a lumbosacral belt which not only relieves the spine of the same name, but also to fix it.

If sciatica, especially the lumbar, occurs with acute symptomatic, they can be assigned to painkillers: pills or injections and drugs anti-inflammatory action.It should be noted that in cases of severe pain, there may be specific blockade for pain.For this purpose, used injections.Usually, sciatica is treated in different ways and methods, and, in fact, practiced injections to relieve the pain, the disappearance of which the doctor may recommend physiotherapy exercises.

Treatment folk remedies

can try to cure sciatica, and folk remedies.However, it is not necessary to count exclusively them.Such methods are well operate in parallel with conventional treatment.

Black radish

Black radish with honey Peel and grate a vegetable grater.The resulting mass is put on a linen or cotton cloth, laying a thin layer and covered with a piece of cloth on top of the other.The bandage is applied to the affected area, on top of the parchment or vellum, and the whole construction is tied a warm scarf.

compress should be kept as long as possible.With warming the waist will gradually subside the pain.In most cases it takes place after 2 - 3 treatments.

reasonably efficient way, helping to overcome sciatica is the attachment to the sore spot of raw potato.


Aloe cure sciatica folk remedies will help aloe.You will need 300g.the leaves of this plant, which celebrated 3-5 years.Before you take away the leaves, you can not water it for five days.Selected material is passed through a meat grinder, and to the resulting mass is added 500 g.May honey and 520 ml of red fortified wine.Then, all carefully mixed and infused for five days in a cool dark place.

occurs treatment with the following doses: the first five days - 1 ch. L.three times a day for an hour before a meal, all the days that followed - 1 tbsp.l.also one hour before a meal three times a day.

Duration of treatment ranged from two to three weeks and up to six months.

Birch leaves

Birch leaf In this case, treatment of the disease will occur on this recipe: fresh birch leaves pour over boiling water and put a thick layer on the sore spot, and then cover with foil or thick paper.The patient must be carefully wrap.

Red pepper

Treat sciatica folk remedies may be using red pepper.Two pods are cut and filled with 300 ml of liquid ammonia.The mixture was infused for two weeks in a well-protected from light.Every day, the infusion must be shaken.After this time, they rubbed the sore spots, only movements upwards.

disease prevention

disease prevention consists of:

  • lifting restrictions;
  • long stay in an inclined position of the spine;
  • avoiding hypothermia;
  • combat overweight.