Why rentgetogramma light, how does it differ from the fluoroscopy

X-ray of a person lingering cough, shortness of breath, chest pain, fever at night, fever, etc.When such symptoms the doctor sends the patient to undergo an X-ray of the lungs. procedure is fast, and within a few minutes of research will allow an accurate diagnosis, which will prescribe the most effective treatment. We would like to say, that x-rays done in emergency situations and different from routine x-rays.


  • what purpose appointed radiological examination
  • that you saw a professional
  • Annual prevention
  • methods of diagnosis

what purpose appointed radiological examination

X-ray of the lungs You've come to the local doctor, becauseyou weakness and a cough or other signs of poor health.Blood test shows that the sedimentation rate is increased, i.e. in the body is an inflammatory process.After listening to your stethoscope, the doctor comes to the conclusion that in the light that something is wrong.And that's what it is, find out X-rays.And you immediately go to the appropriate office for an accurate diagnosis.

X-ray light is indicated for bronchitis, pneumonia, tuberculosis, pleurisy, emphysema and cancer.

As for the kids, then we hasten to reassure parents - child chest x-ray may be performed at any age.Protective aprons allow authorities to protect against radiation is not involved with the X-ray.The dose of radiation exposure is completely safe for a single procedure.And the urgent need to make the correct diagnosis as soon as possible outweighs the unfounded fears of parents.Therefore, to exclude from the list of possible diseases rapidly developing dangerous processes (for example, an acute form of pneumonia), do not hesitate to go through an X-ray of the lungs.

that you saw a professional

A doctor examines an x-ray Description radiographs requires special attention and considerable experience.Once you have taken a picture, comes the next stage - the decoding of X-ray light ( see. Photo ).Man uninitiated usually absolutely clear visual contrast to pneumonia, bronchitis and the changes recorded in tuberculosis.

make a qualified specialist can description based on the following attributes:

  • Blackout major foci observed in tumors of the bronchi, extensive pneumonia.
  • Blackout small foci - tuberculosis and pneumonia focal.
  • change in the pattern in the lungs - the bronchi.
  • presence of fluid - a sign of tumor and pleurisy.
  • Dimming a light shade - during tumor processes and tuberculosis.
  • Awakening is observed in pulmonary emphysema.

Lateral X-rays And on the basis of X-ray the doctor makes the appointment, indicated for the treatment of a specific disease.In some cases it is necessary to make the disputed re-x-ray or other of its projection, for example, the side, as in the photo.This, however, should not lead you to a state of panic.Most likely, the doctor just wants to be safe and, therefore, attend to your health.

Once again - chest X-ray has a minimum dose and no harm to bring even theoretically impossible.But you need to stop the progression of the disease immediately.Do not let this.

Annual prevention

Radiophotography As noted above, X is different from x-rays.The latter, however, has the same function - reveals darkening and illumination on the pictures with pneumonia, tuberculosis, tumors, etc. ( see. Photo ).There is, however, a difference between the two types of radiation research.

The main difference lies in the fact that lung fluorography done annually to prevent the population, that is, this procedure should take place without exception.
And as if not outraged adults, but it is due to her medical practice recorded cases of early detection of the first degree of lung cancer.Specific dimming allows doctors to carry out the diagnosis at the time, and Tuberculosis (initial phase).

Fluorography light Fluorography sometimes revealed signs of low-grade pneumonia ( see. Photo ).Then the patients received x-rays for a more detailed picture of the lungs.And he allowed a correct diagnosis and to bring the disease to a disabling condition.

Disadvantages of fluoroscopy include small resolution compared with the one which gives the X-ray, where darkening of light has a clearer picture.

And the advantage is that fluoroscopy - a mandatory procedure for all adults (after 16 years) population, but x-rays done only for emergency care to patients (including children of any age).

diagnostic methods

Blood sampling consider two scenarios:

  1. You obviously sick.The doctor prescribes you a full examination - blood tests and chest X-ray.Then, based on the results obtained prescribes medications, and soon you are recovering.
  2. With the passage of the annual x-rays detected by light dimming.Under such circumstances to carry out additional radiation diagnosis (X-ray) and put the exact diagnosis.

In any case, you should be fully confident in the safety procedures and objective necessity.Do not listen to advice « well-wishers» , who claim that such procedures lead to negative consequences.Official medical statistics does not confirm this information.