Methods and techniques of managing people

Ropes on the fingers Psychological features of the person making it similar to an electronic device, be programmed.Certain stimuli cause a predictable reaction - to understand it, scientists were able to penetrate deeper into the processes taking place in the human brain, and learn in advance to predict his behavior.

From one step to the management, which is the manipulation of people by using subtle techniques of interpersonal relationships.

most important is not only to learn how to manage others, but also time to realize that you are currently trying to manipulate and to oppose an action that destroys the plans of this person.


  • essence of the phenomenon
  • Rough influence
    • Repeating phrases
    • Love manipulation
    • Beautiful lie
  • subtle manipulation techniques
    • Oppression and anger
    • Fear
    • Blackmail
  • Classic manipulativegenre

essence of the phenomenon

Manipulation of people Despite the fact that the manipulation of people is actually banned in modern society, it is applied in everyday practice, and some people u

se it quite unconsciously, considering this behavior is quite normal.

Therefore, the most important of its techniques are well understood, and are described in numerous books on psychology.Author of the theory of manipulation also invited to consider certain methods of combat, allowing time to get rid of the harmful effects that make you be a carrier of others' interests.

best way to get acquainted with these techniques to manipulate people - to consider certain situations or simplified models.

Rough influence

most common manipulation of people who are not shy to use the state and major industrial corporations - repetition.

Advertising on TV Think of your typical day - how many times you see a particular advertisement?Why do so many marketers say that advertising must be comprehensive in order to achieve efficiency?

read in the newspaper, hear on the radio, see on the bill-board viewing on TV advertising toothpaste, you will remember this brand when you come into the store.Remember also that it is the best, and approved by all the possible association of dentists of the world - means a manipulation people worked successfully.

Repeating phrases

transfer the situation in the plane of interpersonal relationships - if the child is a thousand times to say that he studious and diligent, repeating this phrase when relatives, friends, acquaintances, he will remember that he was expected appropriate behavior, and with allforces will try to learn appropriately.

Slave complains of another employee Reverse option, which may involve the manipulation of people - office staff, is expected to increase.If the authorities will receive information that a certain person is not properly performing the work, day after day listening to these statements from several members of the team, it is unlikely to even view the results of his work with the need to take certain decisions.

Manipulation repetition exercise can be, suggesting the need to do the work to make some decisions, buy things, and even planting political views.Experiments show that after 20-30 display certain television programs with a certain emotional mood people completely change the existing point of view under the influence convictions rote.

Love manipulation

Manipulation people can use love and hate, as one of the rough tools of influence on consciousness.

She manipulates the Man simplest example is - "if you love me, then why not buy a diamond necklace?".This method is actively used manipulation girl, managed to attract enough wealthy partner and seek to get the maximum amount of certain material benefits to the end of the relationship.

Reverse similar variant - hatred of a common enemy, which is often used during social or military conflicts.Extended to the more familiar space, the formula has the form of manipulation of human beings, "If you do not love him, then why continue to communicate?" - So that people are trying to exclude the communication of their choices with their former partners.

Beautiful lie

most blunt instrument, which uses manipulation of human beings - the lies.Artfully interwoven with the truth, it can make you believe anything.

popular technique - developed by members of the British Parliament "barrel of lard", which is a lot of benefits, or, in this case the truth, which lost one small fly in the ointment, or false.

Man lying girl human psychology is arranged so that it checks the validity of certain words of the interlocutor only at first, since further boundless trust him.Better to lie is only the manipulation of such people as reticence, which does not allow to catch fraud and makes it possible to achieve the desired effect.

A similar manipulation of the people lie is the flattery.Anyone committed to public recognition.If you gently insert it into its desired message, then we can achieve a significant improvement in relation to you.The only drawback - the need for caution as fulsome flattery is easily recognized and causes rejection, disgust and rejection.

Buying an expensive car Through the incorporation of flattery to manipulate people use advertisers to promote luxury goods.They immediately describe potential customers as successful business people representing the upper echelon of society.

Everyone wants to fall into this category and will get him a car unnecessary, expensive accessory or mobile phone to look successful in the eyes of others - then again a manipulation of people successful.

subtle manipulation techniques

Oppression and anger

Everyone is faced with a situation of manipulation, when he was invited to all the ready.It is almost impossible to resist the glass of brandy, when at work celebrating a birthday, and you only need to go to the holiday table.Rarely deny parents who, inviting to her adult children, saying that the table was already laid.Using a similar way to manipulate people by type of minimum resistance significantly increases the likelihood of seducing a man certain actions that he did not want to commit.

One of the most severe forms of this type of manipulation is an appeal to the costs when you are told that you have only been made for a specific purchase.

The woman shouts at the man Anger seems simple enough way to achieve these goals and to manipulate people - an angry person is more difficult to deny.However, remember the emotions after a fit of rage - shame, guilt, the desire of redemption.Triggering a sudden flash of rage, a person may require some compensation from his companion, which he happily provide, feeling guilty.

Especially effective is the manipulation of human beings in the form of calm at the height of displays of emotion, which helps to show care, to reduce this level of emotional intensity and much effort to create a sense of guilt.


Woman afraid Use fears - the manipulation of people's favorite, used by financial speculators.Stressing the imminent onset of the financial crisis, predicting the bankruptcy of some banks, like scammers, manipulation, force people to invest in a fictitious private funds, soon disappears with the money collected.

similar way manipulations are criminals phone by sending messages to mothers about their child has trouble with the requirement to transfer a certain amount of money for an early resolution of the problem.


relatively thin tool to manipulate people favor professional blackmail.Man sets certain conditions that you must perform to obtain certain rewards.Examples there are thousands - they occur every day and affect most areas of human activity.

A man on a leash The basic options are:

  • requirement mother to perform certain work, so she bought the desired sweetness toy or child;
  • requirement of expensive jewelry for a woman to continue a romantic relationship with a guy;
  • requirement wives earn more money to allow her husband to relax with friends.

Blackmail as the manipulation of people, rather unpleasant, but it has a good effect can significantly increase the likelihood of achieving the above objectives.

The child washes dishes Sometimes a person can cajole, making it pleasant for actions.A child who wants to get some expensive toy, wash clean the house, take away my room, will help the mother keep house.However, this desire to do such acts do not have - he suffers the inconvenience, seeing before him a definite purpose, and applying the manipulation of people.

Such examples are the efforts to appease the wife of her husband manipulation acquiring expensive things to get permission to go to relax yourself, spending time with friends, not with her.

Classic manipulative genre

Manipulation people - quite an ancient art has developed many centuries ago.There are some classic rules of management and control, allowing to achieve the desired total.We talk about them even philosophers and scientists of ancient Greece and medieval writers and politicians, such as Niccolo Machiavelli.Such manipulation tools are different limit subtlety, low probability of detection, the use of virtually guaranteed success.

A friend whispers in the ear of a friend has recently become topical subject of manipulation by opening a "window of opportunity", which explains the large-scale social changes, stunning the planet.The case is quite simple - you just need to mention inappropriate for a person object or process, it is desirable - in the society.Once named, a certain topic of conversation is taboo, but gradually approaching the area of ​​permissible and even desirable.

Likewise wife mentally prepare their "second half" to the post of treason or separation - after the preliminary detailed discussions of the phenomenon of consciousness, it is accepted much easier.

Manipulation people often involves the creation of a perfect balance of good and evil, proposed by Niccolo Machiavelli.This political experts argue that the good done in small portions, gradually, well remembering people.Evil is necessary to do at once, while making all the unpleasant things.

This scheme makes it possible to manipulate to create a representation of a person in a positive way to do things according to its recommendations.Returning to the example of adultery, you can specify that husbands often reproached wives of their righteous indignation, saying that they are cared for every day and bought gifts, but only once stumbled this way.

She spared another girl effectively acts manipulation of human beings, based on pity.Most people make mistakes, tend to be spared, they gave advice, comforted, helped to reduce the emotional stress.The result of such a manifestation of compassion in relation to disordered person is a manifestation of kindness, help to strengthen confidence.The result is the complete manipulation of human beings, which is still under construction and guilt - "he felt sorry for me, I can not refuse him."