10 ways to quickly reassure themselves without pills

The girl meditates most quiet in the world of the individual was probably Carlson, who kept saying his favorite phrase: «Calmness, only calmness!» .If you have this phrase does not tell you, as before, do not know how to calm down and not be nervous, read a short guide that allows you to reach the summit of self-control and harmony.

Looking complex recipes for complacency we spend money on psychologists swallow dozens of pills, but no mental improvement and do not get. It would seem that in this situation can help yoga, but for each visit must pay the agreed amount.As a result, no one is going nowhere because your area is not suitable to you by the group level.


  • Ten Ways complacency
    • № 1 "Distraction»
    • № 2 "Renunciation of irritating»
    • № 3 "Drink vodichku»
    • № 4 "Exercise»
    • № 5 "contact with water»
    • № 6" Reframing in all its positive »
  • Soothing body - calms the mind
  • soothing body
    • calms the mind

Ten Ways complacency

There are 10 popular light by methodsself-help, which allow to calm

down quickly enough and also "lightning" cease to be nervous.

№ 1 "Distraction»

Woman holding his head This method can use in the case when you cornered in a remote corner, trap, and at this moment is your life sounds like the name of the foreign film «Nowhere to Run» .Believe me, there is always somewhere to run.Flee to distraction.Pay attention to someone's manicure for your favorite car, a beautiful walk, an interesting sign, photo azure coast.Behold something neutral and outsider.Carried away by them, leave him in the head.Drop all that you withdraw from the state of "Zen".

№ 2 "Renunciation of irritating»

oppresses you emotiogenic (annoying) area - leave it.Call a taxi, arrange a feast, ask the driver to stop at an exciting your eyes Girl reading a book attractive place.Breathe in deeply the air impregnated with the new situation.Let it be a mountain pass, part of the route, offers a unique view of the park, any place where you are much better than at home.Or go home, watch your favorite movie, listen to music, call her best friend, her boyfriend.

Women are always able to provide a strong shoulder in the case of fleeting mental weakness.

If the first minutes of the first reading of two ways you are fit only for the fact that you want to quickly calm down and do not be nervous, look for a third way, which is simply created for such cases.

№ 3 "Drink vodichku»

The girl drinks water At all times the corona recipe frayed nerves were Vodicka.Do not tap.Vodicka tasty, in your case is perfect mineral water, carbonated or not.Drink, slowly, one glass.This liquid is able to stop the forgotten attack any nervousness.However, drink a glass of water to calm myself liked / loved one does not mean "just go and drink a gallon."Each sip should be slow, as if meditating.Each of them need to enjoy and drink as if in the hands you a cup of coffee in the insanely expensive £ 1,000 per ounce.However, no one will forbid even now quietly enjoying some water and continue reading with a cup of water in his hand.

№ 4 "Exercise»

That this method is able to quickly, efficiently and, most importantly, to calm the emotional need of a stable state of mind.He practiced after an argument and before the exam.Only during pregnancy do not use some of the proposed items.So, thanks to the rapid physical discharge blunted all the negative emotions.Therefore, use:

  • walking (even a walk);Girl in sneakers
  • swimming;
  • general cleaning;
  • unnecessary destruction;
  • work in the garden;
  • dancing (even disco);
  • wash floors (without squeegee)
  • hand washing;
  • sex (it has not been canceled)

№ 5 "Contact with water»

Legs of girl in bath In this case, it is not necessary to wash the dishes.This session will help you to calm down as before the exam, and after another stimulus.Wanting to calm yourself, stop being nervous - take a shower, bath, type the fullest, always with foam, dip it in the water your body (needles and sea salt will not prevent ever).Do not love the apartment "vanity" - go to the river, lake.Visit bath.Take a refreshing dip.

№ 6 "Reframing in all its positive»

If you think that all methods are too simple, and you need to calm yourself something more urban, then use reframing.
mentally teleport to the point memories, consciousness, which for you was always a lifeboat in the flow of nervousness and fear.

All proposed methods below do not require any explanation, since their The girl laughs names speak for themselves.So, wanting to calm down and cease to be nervous before an exam or during pregnancy, use the most appropriate based on your particular situation:

  • «Other heavy" (Correlate yourself with those who are more difficult)
  • «Laughter kills mountain";
  • «Count to 10";
  • «I'd rather cry."

matter how many home visits to a psychologist, you have not carried out, no one and nothing will not be able to reassure you better than you.Perhaps some ways seem absolutely incompetent, but think that the simplicity has always been a huge force.

Soothing body - calms the mind

Remember that no one ever tells you the current prescription for certain exactly how to calm down, to relax, not to worry, to withdraw after any negativity before the exam during pregnancy.

There is a relationship between the body and mind in harmony that support a balance of emotions.You want to relax?Soothe your body.

soothing body

To soothe your body and yourself, do no harm when it Girl doing breathing exercises health, use the following methods provided

breath. It is important at any time before the exam, during pregnancy, as well as in numerous other cases.Concentrate on it, feel it.Breathe in the usual rhythm, but every breath hold your breath for four seconds, about thirty times.Tired - play breath.This will help calm yourself in most cases: Before any important event or after a very unpleasant event.

ice cream. in meeting the desire not to be nervous, treat yourself to an ice cream and be surprised what you expect the result after this delicacy.Delicious ice cream is especially useful during pregnancy.

shots. You heard right - strikes.

Beat pillow, something soft Throw all your anger accumulated grievances after application or as a result of other factors.

Screwing out.The home psychology this technique is called «yes A cold towel around his neck Remove throw» .The secret lies in the fact that this method is recommended during pregnancy or on the eve of important events before the exam.The essence of it is that you take a dry towel and wriggle out of the ordinary with a maximum bitchiness, disgust, whichever you prefer.To vent their anger, after such intensive exercise, you just drop it in the side, watching hating sight.

cold water. This method is not recommended during pregnancy, however, in all other cases, convenient - very good.Soak in cold water towel.Put it on your head.After a few seconds, start rubbing the neck, then shoulder.After completing the "ritual", once again, for a short time, put on his head a towel soaked in cold water.

calms the mind

Girl listening to music In this case, there is no recipe.Some tips and suggestions.It's simple - visualized on the background of the place where you are always comfortable, both temporally and spiritually.Turn on your favorite music, wear headphones - better you do not need.