Secrets of proper and beautiful vocals

Microphone Today we will try to answer the question, how to learn to sing beautifully.The fact is that the

human voice is a unique natural musical instrument, presented as biologists say, coincidence.

Compared with musical instruments, created by human hands, he has an impressive number of advantages:

  • he is always there with us, regardless of time and place;
  • besides music is able to reproduce the word;
  • in timbre can be reconfigured for a split second;
  • able to express our emotions.

Nowadays a lot of people are willing to learn how to sing beautifully, without having any special skills or a predisposition to this occupation.


  • Can everyone sing?
  • What is necessary for proper vocal?
  • Help nature
  • Looking resonators
  • Do I need talent?
  • beautiful singing lessons
    • Smart tips
    • Exercises for beautiful singing and not just

Can everyone sing?

The girl with a microphone Most of the population of our country, "the bear shuffled his feet on the ears."More precisely, it is their personal opinion.The fact is that the rumor is present in each of us, but in a different state of development.For many, he is in a state of the embryo.

If a child in the first years of life surrounded by music, his ears will develop independently.In this case, the same statement applies to singing.By showing interest in him since childhood, having a desire to learn to sing beautifully, it will reach the goal.In the absence of even the slightest desire to comprehend this science, all attempts will end an absolute collapse.

everyone can learn to sing, even as an adult.Home - sincerely want it and put maximum effort and talent in this case, a secondary phenomenon.

What is necessary for proper vocal?

Girl singing into a microphone Asked how to learn to sing beautifully, we have said that it takes an overwhelming desire to achieve the desired positive results.Nevertheless, the mere desire is not enough.

will also need the room has good acoustics.The voice of the student does not have to sound muffled and constantly strive upward, as is often the case in small and confined areas.Speakers should not be filled with an admixture of extraneous sounds.

Teachers are advised to practice singing in those rooms that feature large windows, well able to reflect sounds, as additional resonators.

to overpower the vocal exercises, you need to be in good health, in particular, require the development of the lungs.After all, on the question of how to learn to sing beautifully, they occupy a dominant position.The last and perhaps most important is the presence of self-belief.The study vocal technique is a thoughtful work.Based on the fact that everything runs head (d), of great importance here is also played by the psychological aspect.

Help nature

The girl sings Nature endowed man with everything necessary to ensure that he could not only sing, but also to do it nicely.This is a resonator - areas of our body, which gets them the sound is magnified and becomes not only more powerful but also bigger and fuller.They are able to answer the question of how to learn to sing beautifully.

vocal cords themselves can not create such a strong sound.Therefore the next step is to study its resonators.This is not a difficult task.The main thing - respect for the art and the presence of desire.

Looking resonators

Girl singer only mastered science resonances can answer the question, how to learn to sing beautifully.Translated from the French "resonance" means "echo".It works on the principle of a microphone, greatly enhancing the sound coming out of the ligaments.Ordinary pressure on them just lead to failure to vote.This situation inexperienced people who master singing without any knowledge of the matter.

Our body has many such natural resonators.Especially a lot of them on the head.For the most part it is:

  • bones of the skull;
  • jaw;
  • maxillary sinuses;
  • teeth, which also have the property of reverb.

So the answer to the question of how to learn to sing beautifully, depends on the location and the ability to take advantage of its cavities.

Do I need talent?

During self singing a natural question arises - what is the role in all of this have talent?

No doubt, the talent is quite useful factor that can greatly facilitate the life of the student.However, the decisive role it plays.It all depends on the willingness and diligence applied.

It is equally important to develop a sense of beauty that helps to hear that voice, to which you aspire.Hear it will be when it will be possible to imagine, and this would require a well-developed imagination.

beautiful singing lessons

Do not believe those who say that it is impossible to learn to sing.The main thing to know how to learn to sing it beautifully.To achieve the desired can be everything, but just being prepared for the difficulties.It will take stock strength, patience and a lot of time.

Smart tips

Girl with headphones There are several tips that will always come in handy and help in difficult moments novice singer.

must learn to manage their own voice and to know how to "submit."A huge role in the process of singing is the correct abdominal breathing.During the singing is not necessary to try to gain a full breath of air.It is necessary to imagine that inside you, from the belly and ending neck, placed a light rod with a first name basis in the abdomen.During the birth of sound stomach should grow, but in any case not to get involved.Therefore, not knowing how to learn to sing beautifully, we should start with proper breathing - and it will be the right step.

If speech therapy problems, which consist of an incorrect pronunciation of sounds, stuttering vocal lessons quickly and effectively cope with these problems, even if they are congenital or acquired defects of speech.Also develops diction excellent vocals.

The correct declaration will contribute patters and reading texts.There is a golden rule of art - are sung vowels and consonants - blurts.

In addition, there is also a musical notation, namely the duration of the notes, musical signs, tone, pauses, Bekar, Sharp, grace notes, and much more, as well as the need to care for yourself and learn without fail.

Exercises for beautiful singing and not just

Singing into a microphone If you still do not know how to learn to sing beautifully, we will help find the right solution to your problem.For this purpose, not necessarily to attend any school of singing or leave the comfort of your home.Suffice it every day to practice simple exercises to be held in front of the mirror.

Exercise 1. Sing the alphabet vowels: e, s, u, o, u, e, and.Particular attention to the sound of "s".You must imagine that you paint the lips.Roth - half open, creating a barely noticeable smile.At the sound of "o" lips must create a donut.At the sound of "i" have to pull your lips to the ears, as if to create a charming smile.At the sound of "e" and "e" you need to think of opera singers and rebuild their mouthparts into the open mouth with a barely perceptible smile.When it's the turn of the sound "a" mouth should be wide open to, conditionally, "the lower jaw touching the breast."Rehearse every letter, is now separately try to sing all of the vowel in the read out order.If this condition you will be fully implemented satisfactorily, then we can start serious work.

Exercise 2. Wanting to learn to sing beautifully, no harm will be practicing the few raspevok.The most popular is still at school, is the following: "E-ME-ma-mo-mu."However, you can use what you like, as long as ligaments warmed up and ready to continued singing.

Exercise 3. Choosing a song for her performance at minus one, you must consider the fact that it should remain in the same tone with you.After all, even under the conditions that guarantee a professional singing the wrong tone will spoil all your time training and the first performance.

Exercise 4. Never go outside.Especially this remark concerns the cool season.Before performing the song protect yourself from eating biscuits, bread, chocolate.Refrain from drinking cold beverages.